Bunker Interference and Advantage Rules

Its been a strange season with a lot of changes but tonight i saw something I've never seen before and it went completley unoticed as far as I can tell.

When Benji got injured play stopped about three plays after he went down. Tigers were tackled on the last and it was gonna be a change over.

Then the Bunker has a look and says there should be a penalty. That's some serious advantage given to the Tigers.

I thought it was fair enough that Smith get placed on report but to give a penalty??? The ref missed it. Simple as that, play had gone on.

Have the rules changed?

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  • Yeah I definitely noticed. What an absolute joke! 

  • You know this happens in every game now? 


    I don't like the bunker getting involved full stop, must be run by the village idiots. 

    • Someone goes down injured with no penalty given. Play is stopped and the bunker gets in the ear of the ref and tells him to give a penalty. This happens every week.

      But once play has gone on and play is stopped 3 takles later. This doesn't happen every week.

  • Hate to say it but I totally agree with Gus. The bunker is a joke and it has to go. But it won't of course. On referees there were 6-0. 6 again before Parra got 1. That would be a disaster in the finals and was in no way indicative of reality.

    • Agreed and this is when Brad needs to step in and point this shit out.

      Weve lost so many lopsided 6 again counts recently and it goes totally unmentioned by Brad in the pressers. Brad needs to push back through the media and at least get them talking about it. If this happened I assure you we would get a fairer go next outing. Brad needs to cop the $10k......But as it didn't again, we will cop another sausage next week vs the Storm - watch.


  • I was questioning that. How many plays can they go back. Surely it can't be more than one. Imagine eels had scored to win in a semi and they went back three plays and gave the other team a penalty. Would be worse than the raiders 6 again debacle. 

    • I'm pretty sure they can't go back at all. Once play has moved on, even one tackle, that's it.

  • Bunker has too much control of decisions. Its slowed the game down. 

  • Bunker may of interfered but did they get the right decision? 

  • Bunker was pretty quick to award Leilua's try. Did you see how surprised he was ? I swear I saw his lips say fark me.

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