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Brett Kenny Podcast.

Apologies if this has been posted already. If anyone is offended please feel free to delete etc.

After listening to this podcast i've been left swathed in melancholic pathos, wondering why this great of the game hasn't been a permanent member of Eels coaching staff since his retirement.
His comments on Parramatta's current team, (Mannah and Alvaro in particular) are spot on.
His thoughts on tactics and footballing instinct make you realise what a low percentage of 'footballers' fill teams these days.
Other than that there are also loads of great anecdotes about me, Sterlo, Cronin and co.

Brett Kenny Podcast

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  • All the footballers have been squeezed out by size and power. It's boring. Just reduce the interchange already and bring the creative players back into it. 

    Kenny was a great player and is a club legend. But not even club legends deserve to be permanent members of the coaching staff. 

    • When you think how a great like  Kenny never got a opportunity to coach and a pure piece of shit like Brad Arthur was handed a job with absolutely piss poor credentials it shows how life is all about luck .

      Bert was my favourite player growing up and he gave me a lot of joy and the  poor bastard has had absolutely no luck since he retired from footy , he had been used a lot especially by that cunt Spagnolo who after Kenny helped him get elected  repayed him by giving him a cleaning job at the leagues club .  

  • He coached Wenty 2010, didnt do too good. Osborne brought him in.
    Love to see him help again. Add some spark to Norman!!
    • Coached a premiership team at panthers jersey flegg or might have been u/20 . Champion bloke having horrid time with his cancer battle and step son tragic accident .

      My favourite all time eel
  • Didn't do great coaching up here at the Entrance either, but was definitely my favorite player
  • Like his comments about our forwards... 'don't know if they have been coachced not to pass the ball, but if blokes like Alvaro just try and bash the ball up every time and the opposition know there is no chance they will off load or pass the ball they will just have three or four bigs guys every time waiting to hammer you and Alvaro won't be here to play by the time he is 30..'
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