Brendon Hands - Is He Our Answer


Something that is sticking out like a sore thumb in the Eels first grade line up: The role and playing style of the Hooking Position.


As is well known we now have Josh Hodgson in the Blue and Gold first grade number 9 jersey. A crafty dummy half no doubt that can certainly turn a game of football our way. He is able to engage the markers and identify slowing defence lines, however it is also becoming clear that perhaps 80minutes is beyond his physical limits these days. Its becoming too regular watching him make a tackle and be the last man up, unable to get back at marker or make it back to the defensive line, this is leaving us short. It effects our defensive structures the props have to take his position the second rowers have to stand one spot closer to the ruck, the halves , centres and last of all the wingers have to all come in to adjust and blind freddy can tell you how thats turning out for us continually being short outwide. Obviously thats not our only defensive problem but it contributes at times.

Hodgson has alot to offer our team when not exhausted or fatigued., and shouldnt be discarded. A quick look at how other NRL teams are playing their hookers shows something remarkable. 

Brandon Smith one of the comps better dummy halves, rarely plays 80 minutes- two the best coachs in the modern era sub him in and out of the game to get the best from him.

Brisbane share the Hooking role with Billy Walters and Corey Paix equally

Warriors share the role

Raiders Share the role

Anyway I can go on but your getting my drift


This brings me to our team. Does BA have the ability to give Hodgson a rest during the game. Can he change his mindset and carry another hooker on the bench. Can he trust the next players in line. These must be going through BA's mind when reviewing our games to date. A quick look at our top 30 - Only 28 spots filled. On that list as hookers we have Mitch Rein another 32 year old, if he hasnt made regular first grade is he going to now. The only other option I see is Jake Arthur - I'll leave that one alone for now or this blog would get bogged down, but hey is he worth a thought.


So what would it take to get Brendan Hands on the bench, he is not in our top 30 - should he be upgraded now or do we keep our remaining spots for later.



Brendon Hands our NSW cup first choice Hooker.

24 years of age: 

Debut with Penrith NSW Cup 2019 joined the Eels 2022

Played yesterday against Manly "Blacktown Workers" and quite frankly was very impressive. He looks to have turned a corner.

Check out his stats. Played 80 minutes - 1 try assist - 1 line break Assist - 8 dummy half runs -  112 passes with zero mistakes - 55 tackles with 0 misses and an efficiency of 98%. These are machine stats people.

Hands is considered one of our fittest players that can I suggest has maybe come of age for at least a shot. Remember it would take an upgrade into our top 30 roster to get a game. Is it time , we are looking down the barrell of 0 and 4 to start our season, and quite frankly Hodgson does not appear to be an 80 minute player. One last thought, if we upgrade him we have only 1 spot left in the top 30 and , well do we need spots for say another youngster Cini to perhaps evolve this year and force Waqa out at some point. Something to consider I would suggest.

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  • Probably Hands or Yates but the Eels dumb coach won't do anything that's involves intelligence 

    • This would take more then BA it will take a contractual upgrade, this falls into the retention committees realm of Mark O'Neill, Ben Rogers, Sarantinos, McElduff. However  I do agree BA would have to start the  ball rolling.  Yates is also not in the top 30 and wasnt the starting NsW cup Hooker yesterday, playing from the bench. On our website it appears Yates is being considered more of a lock or 2nd row these days.


    • Definitely need a two hooker rotation. Smart clubs starting to do it already. It's about speed of the ruck with the 6 again rule. Clearly Hodgson is lacking his trade mark creativity due to fatigue. Not a 80 minute player, needs a rest. Same goes for RHC and Paulo, their runs and yardage are not effective when they're playing big minutes 

      • The unseasonal heat is a big factor with performance for players in high activity roles. Wait till cooler weather arrives 

  • Don't know if we have an answer ready made on the roster right now.

    Robson for the Cows goes 80

    So does Grant and Mahoney for there respective teams.

    As for defensively we had the same edge issues when Mahoney was here and we still have it now.I'd suggest  now if we are to strengthen an aspect of our team to help our ruck. I think it's our back 5 is what needs to have more impact.

    Where is Hands in the development stakes it looks from the off season that Yates is ahead of him.

    I mean is it worth pushing Gutho into hooker to run the ruck 10 minutes either side of halftime don't no if it's an option.

    Or even push Hopgood into Hooker move Matto into 13 and bring in a back rower.I guess there's options there but not sure if BAs looking.BA definitely wants his best on for long periods and positions like 9 13 11 & 12 are expected to go 80 so he can use his props for longer stinks and just bring Murchie Grieg and alike for cameos that's what it looks like.He used it last year to good effect.

    • what options do we have if Hodgson goes down through injury or suspension etc on a regular basis , not stop gap options.

      • Well we are screwed regardless.There going to give Hands first crack and we'll see how it pans out.

        • I'm actually excited by the fact our game will be flipped by having the interchanging hookers. Anyone know what Hands is like with the foot ? 

          Kicks goals ? 

          • he dosnt kick much in general play out of dummy half. Dont know about goals but he couldnt be much worse .

          • I don't mind it either.

            Kick goals I got no idea I haven't seen Hands play enough.

This reply was deleted.

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