BA to the Tigers?

Brought up last week on the Sunday Footy show. If anything it will not happen, but if Wests want a coach to get them relevant, BA is a good start. To be fair BA can coach, getting Wests to at least in the 8 would be a massive achievement at this stage.

Michael Chammas brought it up around 1:30 mark. Also mentions Ciraldo taking over as he is courting the job apparently. Again not speculating simply showing everyone what was said.

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  • Chammas is correct in that BA would be a great fit for the Tigers. He's exactly what they need right now. 
    The only way BA goes to the Tigers is if the Tigers Board/CEO make a bold move and pursue BA. 
    The only way Parra land Ciraldo is if the Eels Board/CEO make a bold move and pursue Ciraldo. 
    Nothing happens without some deliberate action and intent. It's not as if these moving pieces just fall into place. 
    Im not sure the Tigers Board are that smart. I'm not sure the Eels Board would jeopardise this season by making moves right now. So unless the wheels fall off the Eels season I can't see any Coaching decisions at Parra this side of GF day.  By that time, the Tigers will have appointed some other poor sacrificial lamb. 

    • They say that, BA would be perfect for any club rebuilding. Gold Coast even who will look for a new coach. The Warriors i reckon he could do good with. For BA he needs a new challenge, we need a new voice.

      Unfortunately if either BA or Parramatta are to win a comp both need to be apart, they cannot win it together, that is what i believe. I hope i am wrong but it is healthier for both parties.

      • Unfortunately you aren't wrong LB.

        We won't win a premiership under BA.

        I said the other day that BA is probably one of the best "rebuild" coaches in the NRL and he would do wonders for the Tigers. 

        He will never take Parra to a premiership and as far as I am concerned, we should do it now while we still have a chance at making the finals.

        • Like it is a bad thing i am right once in a while BEM hahaha.

          • I wasn't implying it was unfortunate you are right LB.

            I was saying you are right about us not winning a premiership with BA and that sucks. 

            • No no BEM I was joking I know what you mean hahah

              • Cool 😁

    • I will also say if BA is to go, it will be a mutually part ways affair. It would be a sort of sacking but even Parramatta taking assistants away or giving him ultimatums or having a chat and both deciding now is the time


      I will say wherever BA goes I doubt Jake would go, unless he waits 2-3 years and gets nowhere then he will get a lifeline 

      • It's a tough and simple conversation that needs to be had. "Brad your position as head coach is becoming untenable and we may have to part ways. If you were to get a position at another club we would allow you to walk away from your contract at Parramatta".

        Now he can take that to the playing group and they either play for him, lay down their swords or revolt. All 3 scenarios will show you exactly where the club is at and who is in charge, BA, the Club or the Players.

        • I don't think it's tough at all if I'm honest since the 2018 debarcle the club has reached a certain level and if that is acceptable by those in charge then they are the problem not BA.

          The caveat for me is the FO have provided more than enough support for BA to improve to win the comp.In my eyes you stick to the end of the season continue showing and giving support and result with standing then make your move.By doing it this way BA has no where to go as the mentioned FO have provided everything asked for.Basically your handing BA the rope.The rest is the rest.

          Heres one to contemplate if Parra win the comp would you still stick with BA?

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