• Glad the Eels didnt pursue chasing this guy! Isnt he heading to the Titans this year?

    • David fafita is the one you are thinking of monts

      • Oh Yeah! Sorry about that. 

  • Footballers must be the dumbest humans on earth. It's seriously not that hard to run a muck and not get arrested.  

  • The follow up article said he was with his pregnant partner. Surely he couldn’t have been doing to much wrong.

    I would like to know the full story. i.e why did the police approach him at all, what was actually said etc. After what happened to Curtis Scott, we probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions just because Fox Sports try to tell us to.

    • What an intelligent answer. You know this is off season right? 

  • Yay! Tell me a single non-Broncos footy fan who doesn't want the Broncos to have a second consecutive calamitous year? I want to see more stories like this and I want to see Kev Walters fail miserably and the Broncos collect a second spoon. This is just one of the many poisoned wishes I have in mind for select lucky recipients in 2021. 

    • And the storm missing the top 8! That would be gold! 

      • Oh that would be gold, Mick. Even better if I finally get to see the Eels win at AAMI. And in that game, Cam Smith retires after N Brown takes his head off (legally). 

        • ive been travelling down from griffith to canberra every year for the last 17 years to watch the eels v raiders....

          seen them win once..a win thi year would be farking awesome...

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