Are we chasing players

I read on here that we are looking at Momorovski and whispers of Sirro in England.

Whilst in England they can grab Thomas Mikaele who left the Tigers half way thru last year. He says he fell out love for League a tigers and went to the ol'Dart.

Has aspirations of returning to NRL and big desire to play Origin, at only 24 and a good prop he could be enticed home 

He play for Aussies Jnrs with Haas and some others and was a bloody handy player, him off the bench would be very desirable for us , oh and add Sirro to the bench too

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  • If we aren't, we should be. Pisses me off every time I see Tapau in a Bronco's jersey. We really need some punch when Jnr and Reg go off. The current guys just don't cut it. Wiremu Greig reminds me of Pauli Pauli. Has the body to be something, but no real impact.

    • He pushed some big yardage yesterday in Reggies, I reckon he needs more minutes in First grade but alongside Paulo or Reg to teach him, show him the way. I remember the Saifiti boys too a year or so to realise their impact

    • Anyone of the Penrith juniors would do a better job than Simonsson and Waqa, at minimal wage too. 

  • Mimorovski would be a good pick up.

  • We have to be, we have to sign 29 players by a certain time in the year. Thomas Mikaele is not a terrible option, he has a lot of mistakes in his game but potential, just stuck at Wests.

    Sironen I've heard a bit, Momirovski I've heard nothing other than Roosters are happy to let him leave. One other id look at is Enari Tuala from Newcastle.

  • Be nice if we were chasing someone. Feels like the last few years all we've done is lose people and struggle to keep our stars 

  • Probably not chasing anyone with our great recruitment team running the show. 

    • I have to agree

  • Brian Kelly was one I was told we were/are in talks with. The only problem is the Titans have a few injury concerns with outside backs so they might keep him, for the time being.

    • Perhaps he could claim home sickness, despite being from Lismore hahah.

      But i think once Jojo Fifita is back we could snatch him, though would Fermor being out for the year hurt?

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