Angus Crichton

Just reading that Angus is taking a pay cut to remain at the Roosters.This is now the third time in the last few months that I have read this regarding Roosters players,firstly Teddy,,then Keary now Angus. The fact that they even have to keep feeding us this BS story every time they sign or re sign someone just makes it harder to believe. These guys are throwing away 200k per year to stay loyal to a club that is not even their junior club,yeah right? 

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  • No no no no no Josua Tuisova to replace Jennings, check him out on YouTube  

    • Apparently Joshua Tuisova will take unders to come to parra!

      • WMD where have you read this . Bud I can't find anything related to this after watching tube my god what a beast . Has he ever played league though . Looking at him I don't think it would be to much of a problem. Hope your on the money 

    • Yes, I'm sure he'll want to give up his 4 year contract in France to come to Parra for probably less than 1/4 of the money he's on now. Makes total sense!

      • Well I wouldn't say no if he wanted to . We can live in hope can't we . 

  • He would be good value at the Eels.

  • Yep, but the NRL would not allow this for our Club a couple of years back.  Absolute joke!

  • They do take unders because they get set up in life outside of football it's not fair but that's how it goes 

  • Wow - be a great pick up .  Nothing anywhere about it  though 

  • Our starting 13 is all resigned long term so he won't want to play on the bench and nor do we have the money to sign him.

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