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A new team is born!

We now have the spirit, we have the depth to cover injuries, we have the forwards,  we have the backs.  Coach haters, BA is going no where so pull your heads in. Could not be more proud of these guys.  Alvaro, endlessly bagged and look what he did tonight.  Kane Evans, yes still makes a few errors but is playing like someone has been feeding him raw meet the past few weeks.  Mitchell Moses, the real Mitchell Moses, welcome back.  Reed Mahoney, just wow.  Junior Paulo, playing his best football I have seen him play.  That is just the start. Every single player tonight aimed up and they did it for 80 minutes.  Fergo, Sivo wow and great to see Michael Jennings appearing hungry again.  Great team effort.  As far as I am concerned we are truly in the competition this year.  Sit back an enjoy everyone!

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  • Im hearing you but Ferguson could of played a little better he did let in one try

    Go the MIGHTY EELS

    • Yes he made a mistake.  What he did in the positive and what he brings to this team far outweighs it.  You only have to look at his hurt knowing his mistake to know things are different,

  • I actually thought the Eels struggled tonight against a last minute sharks team. If the Sharks had their full squad the result could have been different. Ferguson has some errors in his game and thats why I think the Roosters didnt resign him. Mitchell Moses won the game tonight with his kicking and clever thinking. Happy with the win BUT heaps more improvement needed. Too many errors which allow teams back into games.

    • We should have won the game by more, but look at the injuries we have to our squad and still we aimed up!  That is a good sign, not a bad sign.

    • Still a strong defensive team they just lost attacking options

    • There's a thousand reasons why the result could've been different, but it wasn't.

      The occasional error was not why the Roosters didn't re-sign him. In fact, they didn't not re-sign him, he chose to sign with us because we offered more money and 3 years, they only offered him a one year extension, but they wanted to keep him.

      Mitch Moses didn't win the game, the entire team of 17 players won the game. We win as a team, we lose as a team.

      Errors are inevitable part of playing expansive football. The objective isn't to eliminate errors, but to defefend the errors you make. We have done that this season except for the last 15 minutes last week against the Roosters.

    • Yes we have plenty of improvement left in us but we are travelling better than a lot of teams right now.

    • Monto, that's true re the sharks team, but they were not the only ones with key players out injured either, they lost Johnson in the warm up, last week we lost Tepai in a similar way.

      We have 5 players out injured, and 4 of them are NRL quality in every sense.

      • Colin Johnson was not lost in the warm up he was out in the final team list 1 hour before the game the sharks were warming up in front of where we were sitting and i can assure you he was not there in the warm up

        • Fair nuff Hector, I was going by the media reports regarding him pulling up before the game.

          As I have said I got to only listen to the game for around half of it owing to the poor radio reception.

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