What it means to wear the Blue and Gold

Every time I pull on the Eels jersey, I feel a sense of pride.

On Sunday, I’ll do it for the 100th time.

It will mean so much to me.

Knowing how much past players, staff and fans love this club heavily influences me and our playing group.

We don’t want to let them down.

I unexpectedly joined the Eels in 2016 after being shown the door over at Manly.

This Club and Brad gave me an opportunity.

Now five years on, I am doing my best to repay the faith they have shown me.

I just want to do my part for the team and the coaching staff.

To reach this milestone in Blue and Gold is a massive achievement for me, my family and my partner.

It has taken years of hard work, success, disappointment and perseverance through shattering injuries to reach this milestone.

For that, it really do mean a lot to me as a player and a person.

One of my most memorable moments here was running the team out at our new home Bankwest Stadium in Round Six, 2019.

The roar around the stadium; the crowd going nuts was a massive proud moment I’ll never forget.

I’m in a pretty special place right now being captain.

Growing up, I never ever thought I would hold this position.

It’s surreal and I’m honoured every time I get to do it.

Running out on the paddock, giving my absolute all and not letting the boys down, is ultimately what I’m playing for.

It means everything to me to run the boys out each week.

I hate losing and I always have.

I will do anything to win.

That’s how I play the game.

It’s how I’ll play my 100th Eels game.

And it’s how I’ll play until my time is up.

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  • I really like Gutho he will never be at the level of slater or Tedesco but he tries his hardest every game and will very rarely if ever have a shocker and off the field seems like one of the nicest blokes in the game I hope the team play out of their skin for him this Sunday he deserves the win

    • #spanielrules

    • Frankie I had total shits with him too left a very bad taste in my mouth that period ....but I have to say even though he was a fucking Prima Donna at that point he bloody is the most committed player since Hindy . He never shirks anything any week and backs up for any ducking lazy bugger every week 

      for that 

      the queen has forgiven the spaniel for the contract dramas 

      • Not doubting his commitment or his talent, I'm saying if  you are going to dribble about having pride playing for the club then make sure you didn't hold the very club you say you have pride in  playing for to ransom like he did.



        • Oh he only gets one get out of jail pass for me 

          particularly as he still lives in that awful part of the world the insular peninsular ewwwwww

          • My Queen your pardon is all he will ever need.

            He's a leader, potentially as good as they get!

        • He didn't hold them to ransom. He knew his worth and simply fought to get a correct valuation.

          Is he really worth less to our team than we are paying him?

          C'mon Frankie, do you take unders on your contracts to prevent butthurting the other party or do you fight for what your services are worth?

          I see Guths contract as a win win, regardless of lumpy contract negotiations

  • Gutho can chew on my chiko roll.. the piece of shit brushed me at palm cove, I have no time for cute letters just lead her us to the promise land 

    • Do tell ???

      • Boring story Carlo, I said hello and Gutho didn't he wasn't impressed when I told him to piss off back to Manly! Lol

This reply was deleted.

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