• Lol.....Moron of the site

          • Just ignore BrissyFlip Poppa he's that time of the month 😂

            • This reply was deleted.
              • Lol calm down  the  old fart can fend for himself...

              • Brissy, Where was this threat against Poppa?

                Sorry mate. Just a bit under the pump for a bit. Can you msg me, please.

              • Poppa knows I was only joking unlike some who takes things just far too seriously 😒. Lighten up princess, go have a game of Lawn Bowls 🤣 just to loosen up a bit. 

              • Golly gee BrissyFlip your really lowering your standards seeking me to be banned. That's really quite pitiful 😕. If everyone was banned for saying things in the heat of the moment then there would be nobody here except you of course as your obviously perfect.

                • This reply was deleted.
                  • Hmm what crime? Are you the official 'Policeman' of the site? What threat? Your extremely erratic BrissyFlip and perhaps that's why you follow 2 teams. When a person is erractic they struggle to make their mind up with decisions. If I'm banned/suspended then so be it. I've done nothing wrong.  I certainly won't carry on like a Sooky baby 👩‍🍼🍼 🍼🐬🦄🤣like you BrissyFlip 

                    • Brissy can't wait for the eels to lose so he can straddle his dolphin inflatable doll 

                    • Do you think he has straddled more than once this year? He would have to have a garage full of inflatable 🐬🐬 dolphins

  • lets hope Bailey & Waqa can hold thier nerve, work together, slide as one when required 

    positive is if this duo get it wrong then Marata can jump in at centre 

This reply was deleted.

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