• Wonder if it is wing or centre

  • 1. Clint Gutherson (c)

    2. Maika Sivo

    3. Will Penisini

    4. Bailey Simmonson 

    5. Waqa Blake

    6. Dylan Brown

    7. Mitchell Moses

    8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

    9. Reed Mahoney

    10. Junior Paulo

    11. Shaun Lane

    12. Isaiah Papail'i

    13. Ryan Matterson


    14. Bryce Cartwright

    15. Jake Arthur

    16. Oregon Kaufusi

    17. Marata Niukore

    18 N Brown

    19 M Makatoa

  • Seriously, then now definitely in favour of the Cowboys. Game over red Rover 

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      • Why thankyou brissyflip. How's your 1eyedDolphin site progressing.🐬🏈

    • Sorry PT47 but how is it over? If anything Niukore shifting to Centres was worse, not because Niukore is not a good centre as i think he is but with the Townsville heat and the NQ forwards our rotation is key, Niukore is a massive part of that rotation. Having Niukore and Kaufusi apart of that rotation is key. If Niukore was put to Centre, Makatoa would have been brought in we all know that, he doesn't trust Makatoa that much plus Makatoa is ok but nothing great, he automatically goes to no.2 in the rotation, do you want Makatoa as no.2 in the rotation?

      As for Cartwright, he wont be no.2, do you want him no.2 in the rotation? He has played some middle but no ideal with Taumalolo and fatigue, Cartwright is suited to come on the edge and move Papali'i to the middle worst case.

      Simonsson in to me was the right choice. Could be wrong, we will see tonight.

      • LB your statement is based on a false premise. N Brown is the plug in replacement for Marata when sensibly Marata was moved to centre. 
        Very disappointing that Tom is out, he has been a defensive rock and his attack has also picked up. This change does not strengthen our team in any way. Still, we will win. 

        • But we know Brown wasn't going to be put in, if he was he would've been named over Cartwright, i am basing it on being realistic.

        • My Bob, there was an interview with BA the other day where, when asked about N Brown, BA said NB plays exactly the same role as Matterson. That to me suggests NB is not plug-and-play for Niukore but for Matterson. 
          We could say we are splitting hairs, but it seems Niukore plays a hard running role when he starts at 13, whereas Matto plays an offloading and ball-playing linkage role. Both play dead centre but maybe we should be calling them 3rd prop and lock respectively? Moreover, Niukore plays edge if he has a second stint, or reserve centre. 

          I'm just suggesting BA may not see NB as interchangeable for Niukore. And that might be why BA opted to pitch a centre/wing in for Opacic, to preserve that Matto/Niukore set of different roles: Niukore 3rd prop first 20, then Matto offload/ball play, and Niukore in reserve for edge running or centre? 

          For me, the issue is really still whether NB should be there instead of JA. 

          • Daz, Yet another reason to add to the list publicly given by BA for NB's continual snubbing from mid 2022.

            • He's a "plug-and-play" for Matto as you noted (said this week)
            • Not part of their future plans: No Cap space for 2024 and beyond (said mid year)
            • He needs to "prove" something to BA (said mid year)
            • There was also a few weeks out due to injury (not long ago)

            Considering he's brought Simmo in from the cold after injury, it's hard to argue the lack of match fitness angle, you'd think?

            Compare what was said months ago to this week. Something doesn't add up.

            IMO, there's a lot more to it than is being publicly stated and the underlying reason(s) is being held close to BA's chest.

            IMO, is likely something personal going on, and/or BA doesn't think Brown is up to it anymore. Hence, BA doesn't need him anymore and that would also explain it. Though, then it would be odd he's been 18th man over the last few weeks if he's not up to it anymore, right? 

            It's also interesting considering BA is big on the "loyalty" mantra BA, publicly.

            • 550-600K reasons - whatever N Brown's chunk of salary cap for next season is. 

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