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What are the thoughts around here about ticketed memberships in 2024.

My whole family have been members for around 30 years but the concensus going home yesterday was I think we've had enough for now . I think it was almost the same after the Grand Final last year too. We'll still support the Eels and try to catch some games but there's just something about the way the club is being run at the moment that seems to be an acceptance of mediocrity and being happy to be mid whilst jacking up prices and a complete reliance on having some of the best game day facilities in the league. 

We made the GF in 2022 but there was a feeling we were never really close. The wasn't much between a lot of the sides in the comp after Penrith but at that game it was so apparent we were so far off in the little areas of the game . We rocked up and it felt like we treated it like a round 20 game . Meanwhile our forwards are getting obliterated by a ruthless pack who were more hungry in their 3rd GF than we were in our first.

This year is just more of the same. We regularly miss 50+ tackles a game , our edges can't defend for the life of them (the defence by Russell tonight on Teddys opening try was amongst the worst I've seen at NRL level ) our physicality is appalling .. we bounce off tackles left right and centre , we haven't seen many good local kids push through to nrl in years .. and going into 2024 it appears as though we are going to be faced with the same problems led by the same coach who has shown he doesn't have the ability to solve our issues. 

I'm sure sides like the Tigers would love to have had the last few years we have at Parra , and I have blue and gold blood and won't hop off them .. but it feels like we're all being taken for a ride at the moment . The club is content with being also rans and has also put out by far the worst group in the nrlw.  Making the grand final was a mirage and we're wasting the prime years of Moses , Gutho , RCG etc with a coach that is out of ideas to grow their games past where they're at and kids who's development now appears to be getting stifled in this system . Might be a wise idea to save $500 and make a few efforts during the year like the team does?


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  • Good and fair blog mate, i understand your frustrations and agree with your sentiments.

    It will be more of the same next year for sure

  • I've sent an email to the club saying that i will not renew my membership while the Bald Fraud is still coaching the club.  I doubt i'm not the only one.

    • Brads main goal next year will be to give his son Matt, the express train to 1st grade, the wheels are already in motion.

      • He's already been fast tracked to reserve grade.  We signed an absolute struggler like Joey Lussick so there is absolutely no one blocking his path.   The Nepotism Gnome strikes again.

      • Matt can play. JA i hated the treatment yet believed myself he was not that good especially at his age to debut. Matt on the other hand can play

  • There's just something missing. 
    I personally don't give a shit about players not signing autographs after the game but I know compared to other clubs they don't hang around and engage.

    Matto, Dylan Brown and I'm sure others made off field decisions in their own interests. There's talk from the media about how we act unprofessional showing up late etc to scheduled press conferences. I think the club is really starting to fall behind and if they don't arrest the slump it could be years of poverty like has been seen at the Dogs recently. 
    There's seems to be no ambition at the top and respectfully to BA who has done some good things here , an NRL coach with no first grade playing experience and 10 years with minimal end of season joy sits blankly in press conferences and gives the most basic summations of our performances. 
    Craig Bellamy is damn near distraught publicly and calls out players taking short cuts and not caring . To BA we "lacked physicality , got beaten in the effort areas or just got beaten by a better team and  a few things didn't go our way".. "it's on again next week " ... there are decisions and efforts being made (especially by outside backs) weekly that are not at NRL level . The club hasn't seen that it's a problem and hasn't recruited to fix it. BA hasn't coached them up or can't .. and 2024 is shaping up as more of the same . 

    • That is what i am referring to in my blog and in other comments, BA has let them be like that. Remember the meowing and wolfing after the Brown incident? Not that big of a deal but made the club look like idiots. Imagine Bellamy or Bennett or Stuart or Hasler teams doing that? They would be torn a new you know what. Why wont BA? They are human and most of them still young adults but you are a professional, this is not your hangout it is your job. Can have fun, i do at work from time to time with colleagues off hours either playing games or joking around but where is the leadership and accountability from that.

      BA after 10 years should have that place round up, but seems the inmates run the joint half the time. Hadley even mentioned (i know, grain of salt) that former employees from Parra Leagues hated them being around there as they acted as if they owned the joint. Now if that is the case why did BA let them act that way? If that was me with my class as a teacher, yes i know different age bracket, but if they were acting like knobheads where they should show respect once back in class i would tear them to shreds over their behaviour. Yes they are kids and can have fun as kids but when it is time to show respect they are able to do that. That is this squad very similar, from journalists saying they have acted this way a few times, why has BA allowed this to continue?


    • I understand only one team wins the comp per year and it's tough. We are lacking ambition at the top and the coach is having areas of his shitty basic systems being exposed year on year. That's what gets me .  

  • I'll be back next week next season for more.

    The teams certainly down at the moment but as a fan imo when it gets tough that's where I dig in a bit harder for the team.The season has been a hard watch for sure after last year. Me I'm not folding up the tent.The clubs been through some rougher seas than this.This is just fandom and the ups and downs of it.

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