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Hi Eels fans, can I divert your attention from the Saturday night final coming this week momentarily and ask about the squad for 2021? Scanning the press apparently we have 10 places available with squads staying at 30 but I have only seen mention of the Eels being mentioned in the player market in regards John Asiata (NQ). I am sure there is more going on behind the scenes but can anyone shed any light on players we are trying to get to the fix the hole for 1/3 of the squad? Appreciate a few of the younguns will step up but we will most likely be missing from the 2020 squad a lot of experience - Evans, Gower, Terepo, Davey, Stefano with others off contract W Smith, Taka, Salmon, Rankin. Any insights would be welcome. Cheers

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  • https://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/news/nrl-2020-2021-off-contr...

    Heres the menu. Take your pick.

    NRL 2020: Every player off-contract and available to sign a contract for 2021
    There has been plenty of movement in regards to recruitment and retention - but the likes of Cameron Smith, Kieran Foran and Benji Marshall are still…
  • I believe we should take one of dragons outside backs. They have a stack full. Dufty, Lomax, Fengai twins, peirara, saab, ravalawa, ramsey, sailor etc. I think all of them are better than Dunster so its worth a shot buying one of them as a reserve outside back. 

    • I think you have a short circuit EE, as how many games have you seen Dunster play?  Many ways similar to Sailor except he was able to show his talent last season, Dunster has shown his skills only in trials so far, & it has been good.

      • All those guys have either played NRL (and played decently during those games) or have represented their state at junior level. Dunster has done none of that. I will be happy to eat my words because I honestly haven't seen much of Dunster. 

        • I hope Dunster is signed again, as he offers the wing position a good young option.

          Depending on what happens with Field, and if he heads to England I would not mind Sailor being signed as he offers a bit in backs utility, and has speed and a good step. I wold be surprised if the drags let Dufty go.

          • Dragons wont let Ravalwa, Lomax or Dufty go for sure. They all got bright futures if they continue to improve.

          • Colin, if we are looking at a player that can play halves or centre I would be chasing Tyrone May, he could be a weapon coming of the bench and a very capable back up in most positions, he is a very versatile player with a lot of skill. Sailor would be a liability in the the centres, he is to small.

            • Can't say I have really seen much of May, although his tapes saga is not a good look.

              Sailor is more a FB, or halves player, think he also came in at DH at times and took the opposition on with good runs from there.

            • May is already playing on the bench for the panthers so he wouldnt come to eels to still play of the bench. Plus he would be closer to the players at panthers. 

    • Ramsey is a weapon. He was just about the player of the tournament in the Nines, I'd be happy with him. Can play wing and fullback. 

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