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This isn't a suck up or brown nosing blog - criticism when and where it's due.....

I just wanted to give shout out to Super and congratulate him on this site's moderation of late.

Mate, you've proved me wrong. The moderation on this site has improved out of sight since you've taken over. Phil would be proud.

Just wanted to thank you for allowing the current discourse and debates to continue. The place is regaining its mojo and fast becoming the site we all previously loved. I haven't had a suspension since early last year so youve lighten the grip.

Well done Super, keep it up mate.

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            • Yet you allowed so many BLM blogs be posted because they were lefty blogs that you participated in yet if someone had to of posted blogs that was critical of BLM you would of removed it because that is what you do.


              Wiz don't post on here because you always shut down his blogs because they went against your lefty views, you you have forced your lefty views on the site but you just don't want to admit it.

            • Super, I'm just checking if you're expecting facts (even statistical ones) to sway the fans of fhe blogs that run for the far right wing hills?

              Kudos for your never ending optimism!

              Still, it's interesting to know that those who blather about how the site would die without a forum to sling hate and crap, are actually at odds with viewing data!

              • Perhaps you should look at the participation in social blogs  v footy blogs? Social blogs have always been the most popular and the most participated in  blogs. 

          • At one stage for about 16 months the site only had  one mod in Patsy and it was best the site was, what ever issues members has they sorted it out themselves, then Super returned and the place went down hill with all the bullshit he forced on the site. The site is  not even close to what it once was. 

            • Fong, the obvious rebuke to to say there is a Roosters forum if you're desperate for company or just don't like it here. 

              Another reply is more of an appeal. All of us have our preferences and all of us deal with situations where things are not perfectly as we would like. Most of us accommodate and move on. The simple fact is that the bulk of your contribution to the site consists of insulting people. Honestly, that's what I see. And I'm not alone. That schtick can only go so far. As for political stuff, good for you for being on the political right. But stuff that is so partisan that the opponent has to be a devil is just naturally so divisive as to be war not chat. You may have some golden era of the site in mind where all was roses, but many experience what you're pining for as a clique of malcontents just being nasty. I'm not sure you've stepped outside your own zone to reflect on the general experience. 

              Of course I am one on here who returns fire, but I will say this: I lost confidence a while back that you had any reasonableness in you. It's no coincidence that while Snake and I trade barbs, many in fact, there are also times where we agree or just simply realize it's all jokes in the end. You're not in that category. I don't think the site as you want it is a good place and maybe think of others a little?

              • Well that hit the mark Daz

                • Archie, how did you manage to revive this blog? I see it's from July 2020. It's interesting to see particular individuals who lately cry foul about moderation were big supporters of that same moderation a year ago

                  • Go and dob to Super. 

                    • Wow, a name change. Most people have better things to do? I hear that bigots and bullies lose their shorts when they are confronted and start whining about persecution. Have you heard that too?

                    • I've heard that blokes whos Mrs's sleep with other men have insecure small mans syndrome problems , have you heard that too? 

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