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Posted this blog. Last reply by DK Eel Apr 17, 2016 41 Replies

Hi all,I don't always blog, but for those who know me, it's usually only because I have something that I really feel HAS to be said.  Right now is one of those times.I've noted while doing the rounds…Continue


Posted this blog. Last reply by Richo Feb 6, 2016 24 Replies

Hi all,Thought I'd just do a quick post, copying and pasting the Nines Schedule.Now remember with these times, if you're at your local pub, club, sports bar or home with pay tv, you have to take two…Continue

Training Blog - Sixties report from "The Cumberland Throw" web page

Posted this blog. Last reply by Snake 'FREE BROTHER VINNIE'' Jan 7, 2016 31 Replies

hi all,it's wet and rainy, most of us are inside, some by choice, others not so (I had a visit to the hospital with a viral lung infection ... otherwise I would be a loon and out in all of this!!).…Continue

first meeting of the coterie

Posted this blog. Last reply by Fui Fui Fanatic Nov 19, 2015 18 Replies

I'm not going to take up a lot of time with this blog nor share the details of the meeting other than to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have played their part in getting this initiative up and…Continue


DK Eel's Page

Latest Activity

DK Eel replied to Pepe Silvia's discussion 'Moses going off at forwards - caught on mic'
"exactly.   Wasn't Mitch , but a fan in the crowd !The fan did encapsulate what the fans were thinking tho!We need someone out there on the field who does rip into them tho.  Seeing waaaaay too much "hands on the hips"…"
Apr 3
Sir Col - THE MAGIC MUSHROOM" replied to DK Eel's discussion 'JOEL REDDY'
"Ongoing injuries I think. He spent a lot of time on the sideline over the past few years."
Jul 29, 2016
Sir Col - THE MAGIC MUSHROOM" replied to DK Eel's discussion 'JOEL REDDY'
"Didn't he retire earlier this year?"
Jul 29, 2016
Sir Col - THE MAGIC MUSHROOM" replied to DK Eel's discussion 'JOEL REDDY'
"LOL - back to the blog. I don't expect Joel to be named in this weeks team.. You a naughty bot boy Steve. Hehe."
Jul 29, 2016
DK Eel replied to Muttman's discussion 'This is the reason we need an EGM'
"actually I'd go so far as to say, regardless of the opinion, whether you agree with Matt or Tanya, what we have here is someone publishing a private conversation.I don't know about any of you, but i would be somewhat upset and miffed at…"
May 20, 2016
DK Eel replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'The right thing to do'
"Immensely well constructed, thoughtful, thought provoking and balanced article.You have once again managed to articulate what a LOT of Eels fans are feeling and thinking.Once more there is little I can add to this, so little that all I can say is…"
May 17, 2016
DK Eel replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'Why privatisation is just dumb business'
"Top article Phil.Balanced and clear in it's message."
May 9, 2016
DK Eel replied to Bert de Naturál✌™'s discussion 'The unsung hero- IDG'
"I cannot add anything else to that!Well said Bert !!!"
Apr 30, 2016
DK Eel replied to Captain C. Normz's discussion 'Ray Hadley 2GB: NRL don't want Eels to play finals in 2016'
"all this is , pure and simply , is Hadley THINKING he has the clout and influence to make a change and influence an outcome based around HIS agenda (de-stablising the club and getting Fitzgerald back in).Ignore the man and his hate filled venom"
Apr 30, 2016
DK Eel replied to Gucci Flip Flops's discussion 'Ryan Matterson'
"spot on Ricky.There were times even at training that Ryan was claiming to have injury strains, holding his arm up wanting to walk off, then to be seen looking completely uneffected not long after he walked off the field.I hate to say it but the guy…"
Apr 27, 2016
DK Eel replied to Bazza ‘Captain Guth' B's discussion 'Witch hunt not the answer to Eels cap drama'
"just read that article .Top read.I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for the mainstream media to pick up on it though  :)"
Apr 27, 2016
DK Eel replied to 1Eyed Eel's discussion 'Sports lawyer's take on cap breach'
"good article Phil.I can live with 4 points on the chop.   That's the two by rounds.The Warriors and the Titans received the same sort of penalties, I think we are going to be hit with the same penalty, with regards to points in the…"
Apr 22, 2016
DK Eel replied to MINA kouroutis's discussion 'There's a vote, n.r.l. 360. If Eels not play finals'
"he's a Kent that bloke ..... hang on, my computer has put something else, I didn't type "Kent" i typed something else ...... yup, he's a Kent !"
Apr 21, 2016
DK Eel replied to The French Fullback #1's discussion '7 News (Josh Massoud) reporting that Corey Norman has rejected Eels contract extension'
"Massoud loves to stir trouble.He was one of the goons who wanted to say that we had illegally paid extra money to Semi, regardless of the fact that we had the payments signed off by the NRL.Don't believe what Massoud comes out with"
Apr 17, 2016
DK Eel replied to DK Eel's discussion 'A PLEA FOR CALM'
"couldn't agree more Colin!Couldn't agree more.The boys on the field can hear us cheering them on and they get such a lift from hearing us cheer.  I know I'll be lifting my voice as LOUD as I can !!!I watched Peats today on the…"
Apr 17, 2016
DK Eel replied to DK Eel's discussion 'A PLEA FOR CALM'
"just on that that Semi story, I did read that the club is looking into what legal action, if any, they can take with regards to the way that story was run.  People at the club were really P.O'd that they did all the right things with the…"
Apr 17, 2016

Profile Information

Film and TV Professional
Favourite Player/s:
those who play with pride and passion
Favourite Eels Moment/s
any time we win!

but if i had to name just ONE .... it's a tie ....

1) Parra winning the 1981 Grand Final


2) Being at the ground when we won the 1986 Grand Final ... that was pretty special
Do/have you play footy (If so for who, when, position, etc)?
played junior League for Northmead.

At that time I played second row

I did play Union
What changes would you make if you were Eels coach
I'm not the coach so why waste my time with that !!

BUT .... if i was, i think i would live by one rule

- no effort on field, then no first grade position .... so .... go shake hands with the Wentworthville coach
What changes would you make if you were Eels CEO?
the only change has been done ... to an extent .... allow more of the old players to be involved, where it is constructive tho ....

UPDATE - all staff (incl players and coaching staff) to have performance levels they must reach to maintain pay/contract. Just like in the 9-5 corporate world, if you don't meet the performance targets you either don't keep your job or you lose a pay scale!
Favourite music/movies/tv shows:
it's fairly diverse, but here we go -

music - Yes, Beatles (as a group ans their solo efforts), Beach Boys, Muse, Faith No More, Tea Party, Marvin Gaye, Julian Lennon, Bowie, Stravinsky, Supertramp, Jellyfish, Queen, Elvis Costello, Squeeze, Burt Bacharach, Jeff Buckley

Movies - Lord of the Rings, Highlander, Star Trek (all), Star Wars (all ... yup even Ep One!), Dreamship Surprise Period One, Candyman, Boys from Brazil, Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, Clerks 1 & 2, Dogma, Amytyville Horror, Suspect Zero, Sleepless in Seatle, When harry Met Sally, The 7th Hunt, Sum of Existence, Next Door to the Velinskys, Dead Man Drinking, Insecurity ....

TV shows - Smallville, Supernatural, Ghost hunters, Paranormal State, A Haunting, Glee, True Blood, Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse, Robin Of Sherwood, Earth Final Conflict, CSI, NCIS, Doctor Who, Extras

and to add one final topic - BOOKS

books - Booke of Days (yes it is spelt BOOKE) - Stephen J Reville
- the first three Anne Rice "Interview with a Vampire Books"
- The Witch of Colgne by Tobsha Leaner
- Proteus Operation by James p Hogan
- Have a Nice Day by Mick Foley
- Grimoire, The Infernal, The Ressurectionist all 3 by Kim Wilkins
- Dragonlance (the first 6 books only) by Hickman and Wiess
- Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman

well i did warn you that it was diverse .... and the above list is only a SMALL selection of my favourites!!
3 Random Facts About Me
1) I'm a respectable guitar player (bass is my weapon of choice)

2) I'm a reasonable cricketer .... well i was until illness got in the way preseason 2010 and I have had to take a break .... I was the captain of my team until then. So perhaps this update forces a change of random fact!


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At 10:20pm on May 21, 2012, Moray Eel - the killer eel said…
Hi dk. I was just checking some members at random and noticed that you have in your browser your last name ie Hawkins. I have had some dramas with someone checking my name googling it and putting something on a blog. Just thought I would let you know.
Cheers moray eel
At 10:45am on April 22, 2012, Carloeel said…

Oh that's fine, all gud. Like I said I live it and have been there so certainly would not bark up that tree at all. The beer will get warm before I get to ahome game anytime soon (I have a 6 month old who hates the f3-live in newey) but I will have a red wine 'with you' at home to make peace. Its absolutely fine and wish others knew as much about mental illness as yourself.

At 10:43am on April 22, 2012, Carloeel said…

Oh that's fine!! Like I said live it, been there so certainly wasn't barkin up that tree for sure, all gud buddy. The beer will get warm before I get to a home game anytime soon with a 6 month old who hates the f3, but I will have a wine 'with you' at home to make peace!

At 8:24pm on April 19, 2012, coco said…
thanks  d k eel just saw your message!!!!
At 8:24pm on April 19, 2012, coco said…
thanks sky eel just saw your message!!!!

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