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A group of Wests Tigers Members were treated a special surprise today — a tour of the new Western Sydney Stadium which will host Wests Tigers games in 2019!

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Obviously not, Col, seeing a bloody cow paddock made into a footy field. Seriously, wtf are we gonna milk the cows now? Gary’s backyard? No way, the cows will be pregnant by the morning if Gary got to them!

OH Fa cryin' out loud Monster - you definitely have not being paying attention - have you?

The cow paddock is for them to graze casually while the dairy is over the road at the old saleyards.

Or have I got this wrong and the new paddock is where we get milked and the saleyards are where we graze?

Anyhow, I know for a fact that no one has a clue anymore, so you could be right - that is if you are not wrong, because if you are wrong you can't possibly be right which means I am right and you are left.

These complexities are starting to hurt my head - I am going back to bed for a while.

Go on line and have a look at the video that the Tigers with Justin Pascoe put together about that tour, you would have thought it was their home ground. What have our marketing team and social media experts done ??? NOTHING . It looks as though the management and marketing team have gone even further backwards and are looking like a lazy government department. You would have thought that would be coming up with features that are trying to salvage what's left of a loyal fan base, to try and start fresh and create some sort of positivity. These people wouldn't keep their jobs in the real corporate world. Bernie, start showing us something to back up the huge hype that we were sold when you arrived, you're looking more and more like a dud politician who sticks his head up a couple of times a year when it suits you.

When they say they some members were given a tour, they probably mean friends of the board, or people who give financial support to the club and not just regular members and supporters. The chances are some with similar connections at parra have had the tour but it was not advertised as they are waiting until completion and real members doing the tour.
Also parra fans are excited about the new stadium already so waiting till seats and all main structures are in makes sense, while the tigers are trying to sell the idea to their members to buy membership despite having to travel to 3 different home grounds all at different parts of Sydney.

I'd say your response is pretty accurate FM.

The tigers are only playing 4 games and only because of the redevelopment of ANZ. Penrith will never play out of WSS. 

As I posted about two months ago, the club has told me they will be doing a tour for the members to show them their seats and what will be available in the new stadium. Obviously can't show members their seats at the moment as they're not in yet.

To funny!!!

Depends from your perspective Super. As someone that works in the engineering and construction industry, this opportunity would be awesome.

I cant as in Brisbane but there may be some members down there that would like to see the construction side of it. Granted we have Snakes blog but it would be a good opportunity for those interested in construction to see in person.

Makes sense that the Tigers would do this. They have to try to convince their members that playing less games at Campbelltown and Leichhardt is a good thing.
It's hardly a privilege! The stadium is far from it's completed state. Until then, who really cares. In sure Parra members will get the grand tour once all is complete

Reverse the situation and imagine we played 4 home games out of a brand new leichhardt oval. That will never be our home ground, never ever!


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