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Knock on i reckon

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Too many penalties. Fekking refs are getting their stats up.
Easy knock on.
And proof that eventually the bad ref calls even themselves out
For me it's a pretty hollow win. I guess it's a good sign that we can win these days and I can be disappointed.
WTF is going on with Jennings. Just gifting the Tits the ball on fifth tackle 3 times. Proof we are a million miles from being a threat
Was the video ref drunk, blind or cheating. It deadset can't be explained any other way. It just makes no sense. Terrible decision.

I thought it was a try. First touch went back, (though they normally say knock on), second touch he had control but the titans player reefed it(it went back), third touch he just planted the ball and picked it up. ?????????? That's how I saw it.

His second length of the field effort, I'm not sure of the ruling with shouldering a ball.


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