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Ok so this theme was run a few years back and opened a few eyes as to who exactly you were talking to . Is that mental picture you have of the name you see on the page accurate ? Well I'll start , who else is game to put up a pic of yourself for a while along with something from your list of hobbies .

Let's get some insight into each other's lives . Feel free to leave your pic as long or short as you feel fit . Or just stalk and bat off over the pics ..

The blog will be deleted when it's run its course .

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I feel like a padawan now...or maybe i'm being groomed. Anyway, i look forward to joining in the banter, looks like some good laughs are had around this place.

FF, is this you.  Come on, out with you.  Confirmed you must be a crime figure after all! LOL Grunta ...magnificent research mate.

LOL thanks EE. It's what I do.

Wheres Macks picture, i must have missed it in here?

Or Alan Hunts?

I put my pic up in the last thread, anyone is welcome to dig it up.

I only have a phone atm and can't post f*** all pics on here.

Really, can't remember it. Feel you pain, my apple hard drive just packed it in and trying to use a shitty laptop that is beyond backward.

i dug up Macks 


LOL, I havnt seen him in this thread, not surprised.

MyBob wouldnt let me post his photo but he did say i could post a few pics of his prized Mustang 


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