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Anybody know where Monto went to, super can you please check he hasnt been suspended and forgotton.

Hoping hes ok, he has gone MIA a few times before so if youre reading Monts your presence is missed, come back n let us know youre ok old mate.

Hope he hasnt been admitted into Monto hospital for memtal health issues after how our clubs gone this year, can happen to the best of em..

I notice his truck parked outside ;-)

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Monto still has an active account here.

Thanks super, hes just gone missing in action again then.

Thy prodigal son shall returneth brother Serpent.For yay.the truth of My Divine Jape shall be revealed to thee.I have bestowed Golden Tablets to mine son Monto, that will prove,once and all,for eternity,that Science,Evolution a globe Earth,a universe older than 6000 years and those absurd Dinosaurs were nothing more than the after leavenings of manna well pasteth it's use by date. Stay well Brother Snake,I keepeth mine eye on all,whether they believe in me or not....including this foolish vessel,Thomas,through whom I am conversing with thee.

P.S  Forget the Feminists and LGBQTIXYZ fools,I am most definitely male.

Praise be to god......

Im seriously concerned Monts may have gone round the twist as a result of our season.

He got a gig as Spiderman by Disney, but poor old Monto couldn't give away his crazy fetish of drinking top shelf rum from day break until bedtime.

It's a shame, he could've been anything...

dumb spider man GIF

Prefer Toxicity. We'll see some tonight.

Don't blame him with half the crap on here these days. Monto comeback, you're contributions made sense sometimes not like a lot of others. Good sniffing out snake.

To be fair Brad Monts loves the silly stuff and banter, i dont think hes not here because of that.

You make a good point there mate. Hopefully he is all good.
He would be on some sort of Thailand ladyboy orgy
Monto has started an anthropology degree on the natural selection process.
He has been offered a scholarship by the American creationist society.


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