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He was supposed to be the next big thing but he hasnt improved in 4 years and in fact he has significantly regressed as a player

What is going on??? He only seems to lead the stat line in terms of HIAs only

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The coaching staff have failed with its duty of care, playing him with shoulder nerve damage problems and recently playing him with numerous concussion issues. Id like to know how many times he was knocked out last year. The nrl had to step in and rule him out of the cows final he had that many concussions 

Tepai was knocked out twice against the Tigers last week not being allowed back ontothe park, then chosen for the raiders game 5 days later and again concussed badly leaving the field early.

Where's the duty of care at Parramatta. Do we want another degois situation where he was told he was one concussion away from brain damage.

Tepai, Kaysa, Mannah, king and Alvaro have all had numerous concussion issues in the last year - there has to be a tackling technique problem for sure. Its no coincidence.

Tepai needs a couple of weeks off. If he's chosen this weekend it's beyond a joke ffs. Ill hand in my badge 

We understand the nrl is extremely tough but this is senseless . BA is a failure for not looking out for Tep. 

Excellent point here chief!

We do seem to have considerably more players who suffer severe concussions than any other team. This has been something thats flown under the radar

Totally agree Chief.

I remember couple yes back, Eels second the last game of the year when Tep got knock out.  On the ground for a couple minutes and when he stood up, he was groggy and didn't know where he was.  Eels wasn't in the finals that year and they played Tep in the last game of the year.

Fong has a great point too.  A different coach may have harnessed his talent and skills.

Its a bummer what Tep is going through.

How you doing Fuj.....a disappointment to all of us and yes, I don't know the answers, unfortunately it is a case of the coach we all wanted not being the coach we needed. I have stayed loyal as long as I can, and can't see any way out for him (that's BA).

Given the discussions and hopes we had for him (Tep), it now seems a terrible waste. My feelings are he should give the game away for a season, concentrate on his athletics and studies and regroup with proper and complete medical advice.

The shoulder injury was bad enough, but these concussions are life changing and need to be addressed.

As a family member I really feel for you. God Bless your family and future.

Hi Poppa,

Doing well Thanks.  I had to give up the subscription to watch the games.  I just come on here and read the game reports to get a gauge on how Tep is playing.  Sounds like he had a couple good first games this year going by some of the reports.  I still read your blogs and you always have good conversation on the topics you write on.  Keep it up (Yeah Snake likes that).

I think that is a great idea to take a year break and look at his future, family and life overall. 

Good to hear from you and God Bless you and your family as well.

Take care my friend.


Chief is anyone at Parra accountable for our poor run and choices besides BA?

The guy isn't the Mayor of Parra, there are others behind the scenes that make the calls.

Give the kid a shot put. He has a dream like Hayne to be in the olympics in Tokyo.
No doubt in wld bring in Gower but I’m waiting for Marata to get a run

He cut his hair

No ba stuffed him won' let him play his natural game

Aside from the losing record as head coach here, there has to be serious questions about B.A's ability to develop non robotic gameplans and expect different players to all play the role he wants. Players strengths are not being given a chance to flourish..the same applies to Bevan. Bevan has a very similar skillset to Matt Dufty, but look at the different roles Arthur and McGregor are putting them in. 

We are plying so structured it’s boring. The only time I saw Parra play some expansive footy was against the tigers when we already lost, thought that was a turning point. Then back to that one out crap structured play again. So predictable no wonder we can never score.


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