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He was supposed to be the next big thing but he hasnt improved in 4 years and in fact he has significantly regressed as a player

What is going on??? He only seems to lead the stat line in terms of HIAs only

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This 100%. Summed it up perfectly 

Hes been wasted unlike other who waste there talent his is wasted by poor coaching he will do very well once he leaves the eels.

Poor coaching has turned this kid from a future star into an injury prone plodder.

He should of been used as a wide running player on an edge using his size and skills. He had great hands, an offload and footwork. But none of that has been used, one season he's a prop, then a back rower and then a middle forward. He doesn't know what his role is, it's just further proof BA has no idea.

Ba did use him on the edge he's got no footwork no offload no passing game skills lol and size haha he can't tackle mansour the winger without getting knocked out and just like ba we thinks Edwards has more skills manu has more skills and even t Rex has more skills all three have jumped above his shit ass even Pauli Pauli had more skill lol PS tepai should be playing for wentworthville

Yeah we know you are biased mate, but watch him in the back end of 2014. He scored some great tries on an edge and showed plenty of skill.  2015 he was injured with his shoulder and then for some reason in 2016 they saw him as a future prop.  Tep has been poorly used and even more poorly coached he's still just 22 and has plenty of good footy in him.

Biased no I'm not if your a good player for parra I will like and support them if there a waste of a spot in the 17 I'm going to bag them as they should not be in the side I really do not like tepai and scott as players there plodders ,there like watmough useless.

Sad to see the kid having to hit it up one out and get smashed should be running wide in manu position move him in to the middle.

Tep can’t get a roll on he starts out his games better than he is given credit for ...then bang head knocks each and every game. Can a first graders technique be that bad.? I’m really worried for him.

Definitely a wasted talent, sad to see he has been terribly looked after by the club
I'm disgusted also with how Tepi is treated should be out wider where his talents are and wear head gear for a little more protection. Shame in the club.

I really like Tepai, he has been playing really well in shitty role. Most of his poor play are a direct result of fatigue from playing in the middle where he should not be, same reasons he gets concussed. 

I think Tepai and Beau Scott should be our starting edge forwards with Edwards and T-Rex on the bench for impact.


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