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I remember a couple of weeks ago there was a post about a massive signing that was happening. A few people were saying it was some guy being a hero and that apparently BA was peed off about the leaked info. The blog was then deleted. Anyone know any further about this?

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We are signing Woods apparently . Maybe the leak ruined the deal hahha.
That would be laughable if that was the case. Another embarrassment for the Eels

Yes there was a few TCT tweets from Mitch - M, regarding 4 signings and one of those a 'massive' signing, they were asked to remove the tweets according to some, the blog that chief put up here screenshoting the tweet was removed too. im not surprised Brads pissed off if thats the case.

Thanks snake. So is there any further info??

No idea mate

Hey snake what you hers about james grahem

Nothing mate.

Nothing's happening with it mate. If there was a confirmed "massive" signing when the original blog was released, the 10 day cooling off period would have elapsed and the signing announced officially. It's just more rumour and speculation about possible signings.

Just wait for the follow up "I told you so" blog in a few months when any player signs, regardless of it being massive or not.
Yeah that sounds about right. But I must say everything that transpired with the deleted blogs etc tells me there was something to it
If it was more than a rumour or an approach to a player's manager, it'd be confirmed by now. I'm sure the club has approached hundreds of players over the years, if it doesn't progress past that it's just speculation.
Or the 'I told you announcing the signing on Twitter via a third party and reposting on a blog site would jeopardise the deal and it's fallen through' line. Like player agents and their clients are trawling fans sites..... please
People in the know should keep it to themselves. No better way to f...k up a potential signing than to publish it on a fan forum.
If I was BA I'd be coming at those responsible with a baseball bat...


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