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Well brad congrats to you coach of the year 1man out crap works a treat 1 trail win and read the papers playing 10 years ago storm game plans will win u comps even fkn Melbourne pass the ball todays game running hills made the team so so fit that by 30 mins out of petrol trying to tell everyone Hayne is not dependent on then why try to pass to him every ball Manu thought he was in prison cause he got raped by his cousin Bevan you are not worth 5 dollars after today getting rid of the cougar was great too until we get a coach that smashes doors windows on every crap play parra make we won’t win nothing see 4 things make u win a Comp

1.passionate coach that rubs off on the players


3.break everyone’s legs or bones 

4.pass you fkn score you win 

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chillax dude, 1st game of the season!!

They do have a good point why are we having 3-4 hit ups in the opposition quarter when we have bevan, Hayne, Hoffman, Jennings Moses and Norman? Just dumb football. Forwards start passing coming out of their own Territory and coming up with mistakes. We have awesome backline use it.

Hi Captain

Look Its Coach fellas. he has been here a Looooooong time cut him some slack hey he hates commas , and full stops.

It’s the first game of the year FFS not the end of the world 

Well u sit in denial then the coach is shit the players did not turn up ba has had his team still trying to depend on Hayne crap ba got his way by saying board stay away or he quits I say see ya wanker make me coach and it’s undefeated every year cause I know parra through and through we are parramatta pass u score u win

Rectal disfunction is no laughing matter
I think you have been squeezing the blue and gold balls a little too much

Nope I have a idea ba can bring his son in the side cause he is the fittest of them all

Very edumacated analycyst of the game lol


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