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We will beat Manly at Brookie on Sunday.

Dont fear.....

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You are right, they were headhunting Moses especially.

Monto parra started last year 2 wins 4 losses yet finished top 4. As defence has been our best attribute past 2 years losing early rounds isn't unusual but wouldn't expect to lose more then 1 or 2 from first 4 this year. Even if we do though it not the end of the season.
Defence will improve as season goes on as will our attack but some of the lazy arm grabs and missed tackles were signs of fatigue and lack match fitness and will be minimised as season progresses.

They have already lost Rd 1 so it is impossible to win the first 4 games this year

Did we get a new Jersey ?

What a disgrace we looked on the weekend, absolutely shameful and the players responded accordingly.

FMD this idiot posts a blog just to get someone else’s work or pic up that he thinks is funny?

We will beat Manly don’t fear?

Bwahahahahaaaa...it just gets worse.

Shocking stuff indeed.


Gwunta, why are you mimicking other members accounts again?

First top dawg not alan hunt.

Cant you make enough trouble under your own account?

It’s Alan Snake, not Grunta.

I thought that we were friends? At least when you were cleaning off your shaft last Friday night you said that we were VERY good friends. Was it just sex and the drugs talking snake? 

Im very upset.

You obviously feel very confident if you’ll also post a picture of you and your sister/girlfriend?

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Lol at the gay posse. There is shit everywhere! Clean it up guyths.

Here you are Prof Prolapse hahaha, standard tuesday night for you, you look in a bit of trouble here old chap..

From snakes dads personal collection!

Dear oh dear...bwahahahaaaa digging deep there Snakie! Lol

Desperate stuff from the site Anal whore.

BTW black shirts don’t suit you sweetheart.


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