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Unicorn question - Why shouldn't BA be sacked

For all the remaining Unicorns on this site - this is your last opportunity to save Arthur.

Why shouldn't BA released ?

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Well he can't weep and tap dance too Al.....

Can he?

More waffle and deflection from the kick of dribble.

Never ever right about anything.

Don't you mean King of Dribble.....have you got anything right today Al?

Wow a spelling mistake, it's all you have when you have nothing.

What kind of dribble is this? Some members still have wet dreams on BA. He is terrible....I repeat that he is terrible. He is a bush coach. He has nothing to offer. Stop blaming others. Every club has problems. Melbourne had salary cap issue and so is Dogs. Every week in and week out we see same rubbish dished out to us. BA is clueless. What beats me is how some people defend this coach. 

I rather we fk off Bernie and Max first.

Bring back the Emperor let BA see's out his contract next year. 

Imagine for a second The Emperor and Wayne Bennett at the same club ... WOW !  The press conference would be a thing of legend . Not sure how it’d go , but man would it be a popcorn moment era . 

Brian Smith as Wayne’s assistant anyone ?  

Please learn another tune Chief, You've blown this number far toooo long.We don't need you to save us from ourselves, let it go mate

Last nights' result showed exactly how good we can be & also showed just how bad we can be too. We let in at least 5 EXTREMELY SOFT TRIES last night and George Jennings let his brother Robert score 3 of those by conveniently RUSHING IN OFF HIS WING and letting his brother score untouched & unmarked.

What I wanna know is why didn't George's brother Michael tell him that we have 13 vs 13 on the field, so stop rushing in-field unnecessarily and gifting south shitney early Christmas presents. And why didn't Brad Arthur send out the same message via his trainers etc?

With 6 mins remaining, & for the 1st time all night, T.Mannah charged at Reynolds & forced him to rush his kick which travelled only 11 metres to 1 of our players & a few seconds later, we scored. Had we pressured Reynolds all night, plus if Gennings stayed on his wing, UPSET OF THE SEASON right there. And that's with an understrength Eels lineup.

He's an ok looking guy with good family values? 

Because he is contracted to end of 2019. Ill give him that year, and if not in top8 then im sure he’ll understand the sacking


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