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Just thought i'd make a blog for all our unicorn friends out there, they seem to be MIA and i'm a little worried about them.

Can you all please check in to let us know you are all ok, and if you want give us some excuses why we lost, it may even make you feel better.

PS - Trust in BA and Bern, we are only a couple of players away from being a real threat................................... to 15th spot.

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Yep, after every loss lately they are absent, all the deluded club apologists and BA fans, as weak as piss.

I just hope Snake they stayed away from Sharp objects while watching the game.

I also hope the best for 60s Teddy bear it would be copping a pounding about now.

Bahahahahaahha!!! Snake, needs more spunk stains though mate.

alan ur a fuckwit move on

It's you're you illiterate jizzmop.

Club is getting absolutely destroyed by thousands of fans on facebook on their official page, demanding Brads sacked and people are held accountable, the fans have well and truely woken up.

Our club is in an official crisis and weekend at Bernies is asleep at the wheel again, his silence says it all and when he talks it will only be for self preservation, the fool needs to f*** off back to the states.

How many lots of coaches and administration do we go through. Lmao

As many as it takes.....


Well Excusefin has popped in, so thats one that survived the night.

By unicorn do you mean supporters


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