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Does anyone know our total pack weight, I know we need bigger props, but our whole pack seems to look more like pre-pubescent teens rather than chunky muscle head footballers

If you can post some other teams weights for comparison would be good

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I see you have access to the internet ...
I can only find individuals not teams

Right - so you can't add up numbers then?

I posted this earlier this year and we were around 38kgs (pack weight) behind the heaviest team from memory.

Our pack was around the # 12 total pack weight.

Just from memory because like you I am too dammed lazy to find out for myself.

Yes too lazy, and was hoping someone had the answer at the ready .
Sometimes this is just a forum to be criticised for asking a question

Not a problem mate - after this season I am up for critcising everyone and everything.

No need to thank me.

Image result for my pleasure meme

So wot d total add them up
About 20 kegs under the rouse hill team


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