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Blatant shoulder charge.MOV

adding to eel b rites evidence here is another one that again went complete unnoticed by all referees and linesmen and video referees. 1 person missing it could be a mistake but all of them no chance. There was definitely a clear agenda last night and if the club does nothing about this then they deserve what they get but us fans will not go quietly. We have to make as much noise as possible, this is not being a sore loser or bias, we know our team has been terrible but this is not acceptable, it is keeping the bastards honest and exposing the blatant corruption

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Yes we were hard done by . Matt Lodge could’ve been penalised about 6 times for foul play I thought .  It is what it is .  I agree we were robbed but I’m not losing any sleep over it . 

I still love that video of Toovey saying there has to be an investigation lol

ROFLcopter hahaha


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