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Takairangi - Starting Foward - Bench Utility or Wenty Selection

Due to the club stating that Takairangi has been training in the forwards (ie., will play in the forwards this year) it answered the question where Hayne will play (ie. Centre).  But it has thrown some other questions up such as the following:  

Q1.  Should Takairangi start in the backrow with Moeroa or Ma'u dropping to the bench?  

Q2.  Should Takairangi move to the bench with Edwards and Scott?  If so then we only have one genuine frontrower on the bench being either Alvaro or Evans.  If we have Edwards and Takairangi on the bench at the same time then we cannot have Smith and or Pritchard on the same bench.    

Q3.  Should Takairangi start the season for Wenty?

Q4.  Do we need two genuine frontrowers on the bench, or is one enough?    

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I can see him having a huge impact from the bench. Leg speed alone. However he’s a smart footballer with plenty of vision and skill. It’s a long season and Taka will play his fair share of games at centre anyway. 

Injuries will make it an easy decision for BA and we could see Taka playing a few positions throughout the year.

1. Takarangi in the forwards will not work out. Gower or Terepo are better options
Beau Scott is a better option

2. Smith & Pritchard will not be the combo
If anything Smith & King will be. Pritchard is too brittle and gets concussed too often. Not to mention King and Smith are more consistant

3. We need a true battering ram as i said the other day. We need someone like Junior Paulo
Mate. We get the hint. You like Jr Paulo but heres the thing. Hes playing for Canberra.

I would like to see Junior Paulo back.  

Its interesting that only news out of Canberra regarding Jnr is that the club is trying hard to get him to sign again and seemingly no closer to getting his signature.

I would not mind seeing him back but he needs to get much fitter than he showed last year.

Hi Col, I do think he would value add and give us a lot more post metre impact through the middle.  Scott will retire at the end of the year, which will free up around 500K that he is on.  Williams, Gower and Matagi may move on next year.  Therefore, we could have a bit of money to resign him.  But yes he would need to be fit.  If he is not super fit for round 1 after Sticky chipped him about his weight last November then probably not (ie., his attitude needs to be right).  

Fair call BD, I guess if the money is there it could be a good move, I agree that Scott will retire and also likely Gower, thing to me who out of Matagi and Vave would be the better keep, or let both go.  Here is a list of props off contract end of this year for thoughts.

Leeson Ah Mau, Mitchell Allgood, Daniel Alvaro, Tyrone Amey, Shannon Boyd, Nathan Brown, Oliver Clark, Lindsay Collins, Kurt Dillon, Tino Fa'asuamaleaui, JJ Felise, Tim Glasby, David Gower, Tim Grant, Keegan Hipgrave, Sam Hoare, Josh King, Jeremy Latimore, Vincent Leuluai, Jacob Lillyman, Sam Lisone, Matthew Lodge, Dunamis Lui, Darcy Lussick, Suaia Matagi, Thomas Mikaele, Kayleb Milne, Francis Molo, Junior Paulo, Emry Pere, Patrick Sipley, Jack Stockwell, Sam Tagataese, Peni Terepo, Lachlan Timms, Siosaia Vave, Eloni Vunakece

The two best in that group would be Shannon Boyd and Junior Paulo.  I would be happy with either.  

IMO Taka will play 14 and Smith will be the unlucky one to miss out, play Taka as the utility but only if we get a injury other wise play him in the back row. 100% we need 4 prop 2 starting and 2 coming off the bench. 

Taka wenty


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