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So we wanna win a comp ay? Bite the bullet and throw ever penny available at Cooper Cronk!

Banish the Hoax that is Corey Norman and throw the kitchen sink at the sydney bound Cronk!
Seriously what does Corey Norman Possess?

-No vision
-Tooth pick legs with no leg drive
-No Agility
-No Determination to take on the line to put someone through a hole
--No game management to direct his forwards to certain place on the field so our backs can get some quality ball
What he does is put in a nice looking kick that has no affect and gets all the plaudits.
Cronk has all the above points and that's why he is a winner.
Team him up with Moses and if that doesn't bring us a premiership the nothing will!

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We dont need Cronk
We need JWH or Fafita or Toumalolo

Maybe Junior and Evans will do it

Cronk didn't do much last week.

Not too sure he would offer much out of the Melbourne system - and he's old as f**k.

We were poor as a team tonite so Norman wasn't alone. Too many errors.

I would stick with Moses and Norman at this point in time - just my opinion though :)

It's our props in the middle of the field. That's our Achilles heel.. NOT BIG ENOUGH
U do realise that if your forwards aren't dominating then neither will your halves don't you. Look at the pack Cronk plays behinds compared to ours. Some people really do have 0 idea
You are a rugby league ignorami or as Beer Baron has put it more succinctly, an "Idiot". Really? Cronk is the magic answer at the end of his career for a team he has no passion for at 34 years old?
Cronk would also be without his buddies in salary cap rorting future immortals Smith and Slater!!! Yeah let's swap Corey for Cronk!!! Seriously, you can't fix stupid.
Norman needs a rocket up the ass , rubbish year he had but he is worth persisting with , he is capable of brilliance
your an idiot
he'd be shit outside Melbourne. everyone knows that. stay away from him.
Cronk has been lucky he has played in 3 of the best teams in history. Which makes him look better than what he is. Add to that he is way past his best. I think Norman needs to perform better next year or gutho will be our long-term 5/8!


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