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I’ve read a bit about a story that’s been growing since 2007.

Severed Feet have been washing up on Shore in British Colombia, Canada.

Police are sure there is no foul play involved. The severed feet have been washing up since 2007 all wearing sneakers - 18 now in total and police claim nothing untoward is happening. Latest was wearing New Balance. I’d cut them off too if I wore them.

Stuff like this intrigues me, maybe I’m sadistic but I think its very interesting, if not unusual and looks as though there maybe a serial killer on the loose in that area - Dexter anyone?

Anyone else find this interesting?


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Is that 18 feet in total or 9 pairs Frank, by the way nothing wrong with new balance they are a comfortable shoe

18 total feet, with two being matched together

Ha, how do they come to the conclusion there is no foul play involved. 

Sounds kinda like the nrl IU are on the case, have declared that it's Broncos related and all is well.

macybrown: Ha ha ha.  Good thinking.

 FTT: Looks like the Mounties have all gone H***---you know, the Mounties always get their man!...and not doing the job they are paid to do. 18, and they say nothing untoward is happening? The land of the Maple Leaf is the place not to be.

NO foul play?

Id love to know how these feet just keep on miraculously appearing with shoes still on and all.

It’s not happening anywhere else that I’m aware of, so this phenomena must be exclusively Canadian.

Sharks will spit the foot out, too many bones haha and they can't undo shoelaces.

Are they real feet, or sex toys?

I was gonna post a pic of one of my collection of vagankles but I thought it might get censored..

Hahaha Bazza would swallow that whole, hes gone strap on pinned crazy, legit!

Nothing more than tourists doing as requested of them....


Aussies got their own similar situation...

IT seems tourists have a much bigger ecological footprint than initially thought: 4500 thongs have been recovered from a Queensland beach.

The remote northern Chili Beach, north of Lockhart River, has somehow become the repository for the incredible number of thongs.

The Cairns Post reports the thousands of thongs were collected during a five-day clean-up of the idyllic sandy stretch, which netted more than 5 tonnes of rubbish. 


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