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Not sure how the Roosters can afford to squeeze Hayne in but it sounds like they are preparing to join the chase.

Recently spoke with a good friend of mine who is a member of East Leagues club, he couldn't wait to ring me and fill me in of the rumours circling around the club that they had been in talks with Hayne's manager to see what they could do to get him at the club.

It's beyond a joke how the NRL doesn't question the situation at the Roosters but clubs like Parramatta who has no Representative players are too tight with the cap to afford their best player.

Beats Me !

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The NRL are slowly killing this game. Each year I struggle more and more to get into it. You know who will be in the running for the premiership as it the same teams each year, with their roster full of rep players. But as the NRL say's it is a level playing field....

It's beyond a joke, Greenberg is a myth - an absolute disgrace. Since 2000 there's only been 4 Grand Finals that didn't have either the Storm, Roosters or Broncos featuring. And how is the salary cap leveling the playing field, Toddd??

If the NRL is honest about levelling the aying field, they’d ban all TPA’s!
Doesn’t make sense I think Hayne has been linked to every Tom d*** and Harry all publicity. Knowing him he’ll probably sign with the eels again. He’s a washed up waste of our cap if you ask me.
5 Hayne blogs in a row, that has got to be some kind of record.

eggman you can be sure it wont be the last .for GOD sake people get away from the keyboard

The salary sombrero strikes again.

Roosters don't have a salary cap. They are exempt

NRL is a big business & there is lots of money flying around so you have to expect that corruption is rife. This is the only way I can explain it because the numbers just don't add up. The salary cap is meant to make it an even playing field but there is nothing even about it. How can the NRL think the cap is working when it's the same teams fighting it out for a premiership every year while the others float in & out of the top 8 hoping to get a finals game in.

I love the Eels & have since 1973 when I started watching league. My love of this team & this game inspired me to get involved in junior rugby league in the Parra district where over 10 years I held positions  as coach, coaching coordinator, Club president & just about every other position I could in junior rugby league. I would watch every game every week but over the last couple of years I have lost all faith in the game & only watch Parra play. I have no other involvement in junior league at all & every now & then I look at this site or Fox Sports site.

Hey Todd Greenburg, I'm an Eels fan & I think we are just as important to the game as the Storm, Bronco's & Roosters fans.

P.S. Parra district junior league is dropping in numbers at an alarming rate so they might have to get the Roosters juniors to fill the gaps that are coming. 

Well said Jim, unfortunately the NRL like most other organisations only care about pleasing the people with the most money.

As the world evolves and wakes up to what is and has been happening things will change.

Until this happens, nothing will ever change.

NRL needs to either, put a cap on TPA's, but if that's a restrict of trade, then feck off the "At arm's length" part of the rules. In all honesty, show me a fan who gives a damn where the money comes from. As long as you're getting your players. Right?

That’s not the point they are the rules clubs must remain at arms length when TPAs are being negotiated by the player his management and the person who is offering the TPA and I cannot see that changing any time soon especially with TPAs falling at a lot of clubs.but I’m with you as your handle says I want a strong team as well .i personally think TPAs should be scrapped but think they won’t be in these future therefore it’s just not a fair playing field 


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