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A poor attitude in the end cost us the game but no-one to blame except the effort. A winnable game, sure but it was not to be and we move onwards and upwards. Enjoy the stats! 

Four tries to 2 in favour of the Titans. Clint Gutherson & Jeff Robson were our try-scorers.

Try Assists
Two try assists apiece for the sides. Semi Radradra and Beau Scott had the Eels 2 try assists. 

5 line-breaks to 4 in the Titans favour. Chris McQueen had the most line-breaks in the game with 2. Brad Takairangi, Bevan French, Semi Radradra & Clint Gutherson had 1 line-break apiece for the Eels.

Line-Break Assists
4 total in the game, two to each side. Bevan French & Beau Scott with the line-break assists for the Eels.

The Eels had 11 offloads to the Titans 7. 
Jarrod Wallace had the most for the Titans with 2 & Beau Scott had the most for the Eels with 3.

Tackle Breaks
The Eels made 24 tackle breaks compared to the Titans 13. 
Brad Takairangi & Josh Hoffman both had 5 tackle breaks for the Eels. Kane Elgey & Ryan James both had 2 for the Eels.

All Run Metres
The Titans made 1131 from 147 total runs at an average of 7.69m per run.
The Eels made 1242m from 139 total runs at an average of 8.94m per run.

The Titans made 593m from 102 hit-ups an average of 5.81m per hit-up.
The Eels made 680m from 93 hit-ups at an average of 7.31m per hit-up.

Dummy Half Runs
The Titans made 112m from 11 dummy half runs at an average of 10.18m per dummy half run.
Tyrone Roberts had the most dummy half metres for the Titans with 41m from 1 DH run.

The Eels made 122m from 12 dummy half runs at an average of 10.17m per dummy half run.
Josh Hoffman had the most dummy half metres for the Eels with 44m from 4 DH runs.

The Titans made 282 tackles compared to the Eels 308.
Ryan James had the most tackles for the Eels with 46. 
Manu Ma'u had the most tackles for the Eels with 36. 

Missed Tackles
The Eels missed just 14 tackles compared to the Titans 24.
Tim Mannah missed the most tackles for the Eels with 3. 
Both Kane Elgey & Ash Taylor missed four tackles for the Titans.

Penalties Conceded
The penalty count was 8-6 in favour of the Titans. 
Tepai Moeroa & Beau Scott both conceded 2 for the Eels. 
Ryan James conceded 2 for the Titans

The Titans made 9 errors compared to the Eels 13. 
Semi Radradra made 4 errors for the Eels, the most in the game, and Kane Elgey made 3 errors for the Titans.

The Titans finished with 52% possession compared to the Eels 48%.

Completion Rates
The Titans completed 29/36 sets at 81%.
The Eels completed 25/35 sets at 71%.

Player Stats

1. Bevan French - 80 minutes, 97m from 10 runs (9.7m per run), 4 tackle breaks, 4 tackles, 1 line-break, 1 line-break assist, 2 errors, 1 penalty conceded & 1 missed tackle.

2. Semi Radradra - 80 minutes, 51m from 7 runs (7.29m per run), 1 try assist, 2 tackle breaks, 5 tackles, 2 offloads, 1 line-break, 4 errors & 0 missed tackles.

3. Michael Jennings - 80 minutes, 75m from 9 runs (8.33m per run), 17 tackles, 1 penalty conceded & 1 missed tackle.

4. Brad Takairangi - 80 minutes, 121m from 9 runs (13.44m per run), 5 tackle breaks, 11 tackles, 1 line-break & 2 missed tackles.

5. Josh Hoffman - 80 minutes, 1 try save, 105m from 11 runs (9.55m per run), 5 tackle breaks, 2 tackles, 2 errors & 2 missed tackles.

6. Clint Gutherson - 80 minutes, 1 try, 73m from 7 runs (10.43m per run), 2 tackle breaks, 27 tackles, 1 line-break, 1 error & 0 missed tackles.

7. Jeff Robson - 80 minutes, 1 try, 26m from 4 runs (6.5m per run), 21 tackles, 1 error & 2 missed tackles.

8. Suaia Matagi - 49 minutes, 116m from 15 runs (7.73m per run), 2 tackle breaks, 16 tackles, 1 offload, 1 penalty conceded & 0 missed tackles.

9. Kaysa Pritchard - 62 minutes, 12m from 1 run (12, per run), 1 tackle break, 27 tackles & 1 missed tackle.

10. Tim Mannah - 42 minutes, 113m from 10 runs (11.3m per run), 18 tackles, 1 error & 3 missed tackles.

11. Manu Ma'u - 80 minutes, 94m from 12 runs (7.83m per run), 1 tackle break, 35 tackles, & 1 missed tackle.

12. Tepai Moeroa - 55 minutes, 68m from 9 runs (7.56m per run), 1 tackle break, 28 tackles, 2 penalties conceded & 0 missed tackles.

13. Beau Scott - 53 minutes, 1 try assist, 73m from 10 runs (7.3m per run), 29 tackles, 3 offloads, 1 line-break assist, 2 penalties conceded, 1 error & 1 missed tackle.

14. Nathan Brown - 56 minutes, 83m from 10 runs (8.3m per run), 26 tackles, 1 offload, 1 penalty conceded & 0 missed tackles.

15. Daniel Alvaro - 33 minutes, 56m from 7 runs (8m per run), 1 tackle break, 25 tackles & 1 missed tackle.

16. Rory O'Brien - DNP.

17. Frank Pritchard - 50 minutes, 79m from 8 runs (9.88m per run), 20 tackles, 1 offload, 1 error & 0 missed tackles.

Any other stats you desire, speak and you shall be rewarded with answers. 

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O'Brien's stats were faultless -cemented his spot with those numbers.
Well he did nothing to warrant getting dropped for next week.
Gee Ricky great defensive stats for Guth again, misses so few as per usual., Gutho great defence never seems to falter no matter what position he plays. Keep this up and he'll be known as one of the better defensive halves in the comp.

On a side note, I've always had trouble understanding who is attributed a missed tackle stat (apart from the obvious ones I mean)
For eg who would've been awarded the dubious honours on the right wing a few times.. Was it Hoff, Taka or was it further in. The defensive communication factor out there was a mess again, no cover easy pickings. Hope we can get our act together there asap. We can be better than that.

It works in his favour that he's defended in the centres throughout the ranks in his career, so it puts him in a better position to know how to tackle properly. Plus, he has a bit more size to him that your typical smaller half so he can his body in a better position to make the tackle. 

He's up there among the top in terms of elite defensive halves.

A missed tackle is really as simple as say Greenwood running at Hoffman, Hoffman can't make the tackle despite his bests efforts and so Greenwood continues on the run. So Hoffman is attributed with the miss. 

Guth has really been an outstanding contributor in defence for us wherever he has played, hasn't he. No one can accuse Guth of not doing his share. That's for sure.
Yeah be interesting to watch how his defensive stats line up a little later in year against the seasoned campaigners.

Yeah thanks Ricky.

I'm just confused about everyone saying it was completely Takas fault the other night. Where was the cover defence? So if a player isn't anywhere where he should be, technically is that also a missed tackle or error?
Thought it was a united front of bad D out there and I'm not sure it was all takas fault as ppl are saying.

That's probably more of a mis-read than a missed tackle.

Generally, the missed tackle is applied when a player fails to make a direct tackle on an opponent. I might be in a small minority but I agree, it wasn't Taka at fault for every individual play there. 

Thanks Ricky.

Here is a stat that may interest a few people - Eels are the ONLY team NOT to have played a home game yet.

9 teams have played 2 home games with the rest having played 1 BUT we are the ONLY team who haven't had any.


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