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Just wondering what left of field shows people have a bit of a liking for?

My top 3:

1. Stacy Dooley (how hot is this little gem?)

Hard hitting drug investigations etc.

2. The cook and the chef (Granny vs the poof)

Love this show, it just works and makes many other cooking shows look 2nd rate.

3. Penn and Teller.

My kids started watching this magic show and I'm hooked!


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Youve good taste zipzip, great show, one of the only shows that keeps my attention these days, brilliant acting.

One that haunts me is Nightmare on EEl street  its on mainly from march  to the end of August , only once in 10 years have i seen it go past August 

Haha so true, what a great series - never ending torture but we sign on every freaking year.

Hahaaa nice one AAE.

I stopped watching that after #9.

Been flogging that little gem more than Police Academy.

i like to watch reruns of classics like 

rin tin tin

the rifleman


the cisco kid


leave it to beaver 

annie oakley

father knows best

the nelsons

Sasha Baron Cohen Who Is America

Love it. There's nothing like seeing republicans getting baited.

Yep, good one. Love that show.

The new series 'Wellington Paranormal' is pretty quirky.

Brooklyn 99

Also as sad as it sounds I kind of get in to some of the shows my kids watch.

Teen Titans Go and The Loud House crack me up.


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