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We had 55% of the ball, had a man in the bin, made 50 less tackles and made 400m more metres and still lost.

We just need an even share of possession and we will be all sweet, add in a couple of forwards and we will win the comp.   LOL F****** unicorns.

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The clubs a joke.Shit coaches,mediocre roster barring a few players.And unicorns who blew their load after winning two straight earlier on.
We just need more grown men crying in the dressing sheds
Yeah we support a crap team. What are you offering to help the situation? Nothing? Then keep you comments to yourself.

Don't like the blog don't read and comment it Excusefin, keep your excuses to yourself or go and tell us all how AFL is taking over in Western Sydney lol.

LOL fmd...

I haven’t heard about the last two weeks, we didn’t have Mannah like everyone wished. How have we gone?? 2 wins???

Yep it’s like the old saying it’s not what you got it’s what you can do with it ... and I said the same on that blog. Unfortunately we make the worst decisions constantly and by every single player at some point in time.I keep hearing how they look so good and slick at training but maybe that’s because we are running the plays at our pathetic defence not at defences that are working together not going one out. The coaches are delusional to the point that they actually thought we would win comfortably over Penrith (2nd game) and even were predicting the score, if that’s not amateur hour I don’t know what is.

I didn’t watch this game but they are damning stats. Truly. 

By any measure you should win any game with stats like that. Is our attack that predictable?

Block play after block play, side to side(so slowly might i add) and don't forget that out the back play that never works.

The forwards fired up last night but it was our backs and halves that were pitiful.

Norman looked like he would rather be anywhere else than out of that field last night.

Remember that only happens on the last tackle as well... we are still sticking strong with our 5 x setup plays of a forward just running at medium pace for 5m and getting tackled in the lead up to our great stock standard last play. It's like watching an U8's backline movement where they all stand still and pass to each other.

The best play we had all game was Peni playing like a half and putting Manu through a hole for that try! Peni probably did better as a half than Borey Snoreman!

First half we made so many errors it was beyond a joke.

The attack is predictable and pedestrian 

Gower and Ma'u were there best fowards.

King was non existent,Smith finished the game made a crucial mistake in the attacking zone with a dropped off load that hit him in the hands.

The kicking game to me is aimless they bombed there best guy in the air in Fausitua didn't understand that at all.

Its just disjointed Wheather there playing through different combinations through injury who knows.

If nothing changes with Mannah Hayne and Brown back it could be time for a change.

Mind you I don't think any coach succeeds here until they fix the footy dept.


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