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Fox Sport last night revealed an interesting, and disturbing ,statistic.Since 2016 the Eels have lost 8 games after leading by 14 points or more! Later on NRL 360 it was said that Benji Marshall said, after West Tigers beat the Roosters, that Ivan Cleary had been coaching the Tigers in how to win games! So NRL360 was to examine just how that could be done. Josh Reynolds, now at the Tigers, was guest and he revealed something of what Cleary was coaching in how to win games. The Tigers players train hard for 90 minutes each training day. Normally, they would then stop and go home or whatever. But Cleary, then after 90 minutes of training, divides the players into two league sides which play a full- on game of league ,tackling and all! He did not say how long this went on for said a lot of players did not like it. They were fatigued after the 90 minutes of training and the last thing they wanted was a game of league. There was a suggestion that the losing side is put through even more work after losing the game. So both sides are keen not to lose. As a result Reynolds said there were some blow- ups between the players. He did not say too much more but indicated that the players have bought into it now. The way the Tigers beat the Roosters near full time indicate that Cleary`s method of how to win games is having some positive affect. Both Marshall and Reyolds claimed that that was the case. It would pay the Eels to get more information on this to determine if it is worthwhile. I am sure other clubs will be doing so. I must say that I noticed a change in the Tigers attitude. They reminded me of the Storm and how the players play for and protect each other.

Franky Fong has claimed that the Eels directors will now be looking at all things in the football department. There was a $10 million loss last year, so it would be no surprise that something needs to be done about  that. It has been recognised that the only way a football department can make a profit, rather than a loss, is to win the competition. The Eels have lost, since 2016, 8 games after leading by 14 points or more at a cost of many millions of dollars. The directors will surely be looking at that.

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It's always a great idea when directors get involved in coaching and training sessions.

I'm sure the Storm have a site tent method as would the Roosters. Manly have theirs and so on. It means nothing... The Eels always seem to start slow, but I'm sure BA would be training them to finish the second half off. We will see an improved side this Sunday otherwise changes are coming.
8 games that's unreal... BA needs to fix this up otherwise it will be another long year
We looked fatigue late in that first half and it only got worse from there
Maybe we were training to hard and just looked flat out there

I still think we can beat manly this Sunday
They've won one game FFS.

 The Ape, I can assure you that I can count. A sample of one in statistics is the very worst sample one can take.

My heading begins with the word Perhaps. You know what that means don`t you? I suggested that the Eels looked at what West are doing with the aim of determining if it was worth while. If it is not worth while, don`t do it--simple as that.  West Tigers play the Storm down at Melbourne on Saturday. It is being promoted as darling Billy`s 300 games. What are the chances that the Tigers get an even go with the penalty count? Zero!   But, I don't think West Tigers would beat them anyway with coaching to win or otherwise. Both the players Marshall and Reynolds thought that coaching had an affect.

Yeah I think tigers will probably win the comp now.

LOL yep based on ONE game, it has to be a Tigers v Warriors Grand Final.... When can I buy tickets?!?!?!

So it looks like Cleary has found a sure-fire way to burn his players out by mid season! 

P.S. They won one Fcuking game BY 2 POINTS in round 1 against a team whose spine is still learning to play together (and Keary out too) FMD... Remember Dragons last year?

The thing that is not understood in this article and facetiously observed by Mack whilst taking the piss is that the directors do not get involved in day to day selection and coaching of the football side. (that's a compliment Mack).

The directors set requirements and administer budgets and appointments and ensure compliance is maintained.

The CEO under those parameters manages those requirements. The Coach sits under the CEO and manages his business under the executive oversight of the CEO. Bernie Gurr and his coach would discuss a number of things including cap management, who to go after and what to pay them. 

The coaching staff would look after their requirements under the coaches direction......just like BA would not tell the physio how to fix a hamstring, no director is going to tell the coach how to do his business.

Our directors are essentially business people and their focus is to see the business is well managed, obviously they will have opinions on the playing field and that maybe a real passion for some of them, others may be only interested in the business. 

Obviously every one lives and dies by the sword....i.e. if you are not successful then you re replaced. This applies to everyone from the Chairman down and includes the directors.

If the confidence is not with the coach then inevitably he gets sacked.

Expectations are very high from our supporters, especially the "fair wether" flyers that have emerged in the last 72 hours.

The realism is that since the disaster of 2016 when we arguably finished in the eight and last year 4th we have an expectation of winning the comp. 3 years after the "train smash" we were, we have done remarkably well!

Given we are a couple of years off with the new look and successful juniors coming through we have the "moneyball team" we currently have. Realistically a top eight position will be as good as we will achieve as we sort the wood from the chaff.

I am not sure of any identified player we went after and lost .....if we did lose you may find it was not within the parameters of the costs set by the board in total terms of getting that 10m deficit down.

You're basing this on what fongy said. Seriously

I assume that comment was for me Boggy?

This is the extract of what Robert Lloyd said....

The directors will surely be looking at that.

I have in turn tried to explain to Robert and anyone else that is interested what the directors look at and their responsibilities. 

Like a lot of people, not the least the previous boards of Parramatta and there so called directors, their responsibilities are not what some people perceive them to be.

If you have a chairman that operates as a CEO then anything can happen.....stand up Steven Sharp, who obviously did not realise his role was to run a board, not a football team.

You may note now that we hardly ever hear from the chairman, mainly only the CEO....the way it should be.

We still have boards of course in Rugby League that are totally autocratic, such as Politis at Easts.

It is rare that you much hear from other Chairman, just the CEO or the owner such as in Manly's case.

It comes within the ambit of the directors to attend to the matter of the $10 million loss. It may even be a legal requirement that they do so. That attention may include who is getting what and who is earning it, for example. I will not comment on the philistinism of the replies other than to suggest they read  what I wrote not what they thought I wrote. Thinking is hard work and a minute is a long time. Your reply is full of accepting failure and claiming it to be success. The only success we can have is winning the competition.   


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