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I really liked what paulo did yesterday , he had great strong runs , good passing close to the line . I think he was putting a little bit of pressure off the halves, and didn't make many errors . 
Now compared to parramatta with Mateo , I find that he was more error prone and wuld give away some stupid penalties . Also paulo is all round fitter . I think he should definatley stay in the squad even as interchange.
Your thoughts ?

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Paulo did well, but for me he isn't in mateo's class yet!

Thought he was very good. Added some footwork and a decent passing game. hope he stays in the 17

I'm delighted in the ability that our two young wingers are showing. Who knows, Blair might be the next Grothe Jr with those strong hitups.

So if we are happy with the team kearney is picking this year and whi he has recruited and with our attack showing improvement
can we support him now and not bag him and just let him do his job

Mate nobody in this blog was bagging out sk.

IMO Paulo, Horo, O'hanlon comparisons are a good one. 

Paulo looked good with his short passing before the line. He adds glance because there are few players in our pack that can do that.

Horo runs great lines and will give Ben Roberts good options on the left.

Ohanlon offers little in attack but I think would come in handy plugging the middle in the last 20 minutes.... An area we need to
You know what Joe ? To date he has not won me over either  . Heap of missed tackles Monday night .

Gee you must watch Parra games closely .

O'Hanlon - your kidding right? He needs to learn how to tackle. He was falling of tackles all night on Monday.



I'd be interested to see how O Hanlon would go if he used his height and ability to remain upright in tackles to off-load to trailing runners. Seems like he has the potential to do that kind of thing.

But yeah, Mateo is streets ahead of both Paulo and O Hanlon at present. Mateo seems to have improved his ability to pick his moments, and that makes him deadlier than when he was at the Eels, because of a lower error rate.
I lost track of how many things I broke between Mateos  errors and  Gurus jnrs defence .

absolutly agree. I thought he was the ex factor on Monday night. The only player looking to offload when hitting the ball up. He can kick goals and played alot of five eighth at which is always handy for a back rower to have that experience.

He isn't in Mateo class - but he isn't asking for $400k either.....

Hopefully he gets there in the near future......

Hate when players hold their hand out and expect $$ and haven't proved themselves as yet......example

Morts when on the back of the 09 season he held us against the Bulldogs and we payed overs and he took the money knowing he wasn't at that standard or asking price -

I do feel sorry for him a bit as he would still be at the club if it wasn't for the $250k+ a year - if he was on less he would have stayed and would be great off the bench for us but we lost him only because we were forking out too much coin and SK wasn't a fan.........what a waste!!

Anyway good luck to Paulo.........


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