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The whole thing stinks’: Jarryd Hayne salary sacrifice at Eels under fire — Media Watch
December 4, 2017 4:55pm
Jarryd Hayne is off to the Eels after getting a release from his Titans deal.
Jarryd Hayne is off to the Eels after getting a release from his Titans deal.Source: AAP

JARRYD Hayne’s $700,000 salary sacrifice to join Parramatta may have been made under noble pretences but the terms of the deal has got many people across the game scratching their heads.

The NRL must consider a player’s notional value before green lighting any contracts and NRL 360 co-host Paul Kent sees no way that could be the case with Hayne’s Eels return.

Speaking on Fox Sports News 500, a fired-up Kent tore into the NRL over their failure to show the rigour needed in evaluating the Hayne deal.Watch every NRL premiership game live in 2018 on Fox Sports. Sign up here to stream for free on a two week trial >

'The whole thing stinks'

'The whole thing stinks''The whole thing stinks'1:41

The senior News Corp journalist even launched at a conspiracy theory, tabling the idea that getting Hayne’s salary off the Titans books could help the NRL-owned club’s imminent sale to private investors.

“To be honest, I think the whole thing stinks. I think there’s a smell about this,” Kent said.

“I don’t see how the NRL can justify Jarryd Hayne taking a $1.2 million deal, walking out on it and being allowed to get under the cap at Parramatta for $500,000.

“I’ve got no concept of me can figure out why that’s a fair deal.

“The NRL, I’ve spoken to them today about it, they’ve argued that’s what Jarryd’s current market value is, but how do you establish that?

“The fact is, he hasn’t gone to market and if you try to sign any other player in the NRL and try to take $700,000 off his contract price, I don’t think the NRL would register it.”

Kent said he had several theories for why the NRL might bend the rules to help the Titans and Parramatta get the controversial deal through without fuss.

“Let’s also remember that they are an NRL-owned club at the present and the NRL are trying to offload them, so to get rid of that (Hayne’s contract) off the bottom line, maybe that helps as well.” Kent said.

“Look, I could start spouting a dozen conspiracy theories here but until someone gets some clarification from the NRL and some explanation, I think we’re entitled to ask a few questions.”

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There's no doubt in my mind Kent's stance on this is wrong. Jarryd simply isn't worth 1.2 mil at this point in time. It would be more questionable for Parra to pay overs for him when he's essentially been detrimental to the Titans. 

Fair enough if he's simply voicing an incorrect view but part of this feels like a personal attack on the club. Specifically when he emphasizes in both interviews that we cheated the cap 2 years back. 

Since then we've had a complete restructure, cleared out all the rot, and come back stronger not only on the field but all the way up the food chain. This is a completely different team and club from two years back. A team and club who made something positive out of a negative situation caused by a few buffoons. However even given these enormous changes and every indication that we are a club on the rise, in Paul Kent's eyes we are still cheaters two years on.

Simply put the fact hes insinuating there's shady dealings going on and calling for an investigation is an insult to the hard work the club has put in to recreate themselves over this past year.  

The fact that Melbourne systematically rorted the cap for a number of years with proof their players knew about it. Yet those same players were able to stay at the club. Kent complained that the penalty on Melbourne was too harsh.

Was talking to a colleague at work today about How Mr Kent and other sports journalist appear to use the Media to drive their agendas.  He made mention of the ACMA Codes of practice and compliance.

Some interesting takes outs.


3.3 Accuracy and fairness
3.3.1 In broadcasting a news or Current Affairs Program, a Licensee must present
factual material accurately and ensure viewpoints included in the Program are
not misrepresented.

3.4 Impartiality
3.4.1 In broadcasting a news Program, a Licensee must:
a) present news fairly and impartially;
b) clearly distinguish the reporting of factual material from
commentary and analysis.

Breaks every rule in the book that knob.

Iam not really sure why you guys are getting excited about this.

Kent made a mistake.....he valued JH at 1.2m whereas he was actually on 800k. TPA difference and it is irrelevant.

Parra buys JH for 500k .....the 300 diff is hardly extraordinary under the circumstances of events.

The NRL approved it, it is done dead and buried.....Kent stuffed up and we are all carrying on like pork chops.....worse things than that will happen in the upcoming year.....focus on what is important and save your anger for something you can get your teeth into.

Chief stop behaving like a redneck!


He can't help it Pops.


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