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Unless we have paid over the odds for the pensioners bought this year, we surely must be under the salary cap this year and by a huge margin.(Cayless, Mateo, Inu, Keating all gone)


Which leads to to the question/statement, have we done something to bring forward  the payment for some players so we have a bigger war chest next year?


Is this possible under salary cap rules?


 If Hayne is on $400,000 per year can we pay him $500,000 this year and pocket the difference in 2012?


Is anyone aware of this occurring?

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No that can't be done, but if we are $600000 under this year when you take upgrades and back ended deals for next year into account we should still have $400000-$500000 to spend on 1 quality player next season.

I would guess the reason we are so far under this year is because we have someone coming next season and there was no-one who would sign a 1year contract to fill this year if you know what i mean.

hayne deserves $100,000 a year by the way hes playing



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