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Parramatta Eels reportedly approach Wayne Bennett to coach Sydney club in 2019

Brisbane Broncos coach Wayne Bennett has reportedly been approached by the Parramatta Eels to coach the Sydney club, if the Broncos end up signing Storm coach Craig Bellamy.

The Broncos have reportedly tabled a four-year offer worth $5 million for Bellamy to join the Broncos from 2019, despite seven-time premiership-winner Wayne Bennett having a year to run on his deal.

The Broncos have consistently denied an offer is on the table, however admitted they sat down with Bellamy as they attempt to map out their future post-Bennett.

The Storm have launched a three-year counterbid in an attempt to keep him in the Victorian capital and he is understood to be weighing up both offers.

Speaking on the NRL Footy Show, Nine reporter Ben Dobbin said the Eels are looking to swoop on the legendary coach with club dwindling at the bottom of the ladder this season.

“The big news coming out of NSW is that the Parramatta Eels have made an approach to Wayne Bennett to potentially coach there in 2019,” Dobbin said.

Bennett is still contracted to the Broncos for next year while Bellamy still considering his future with Melbourne.

If Bellamy signs with Brisbane, Dobbin says it’s near certain Bennett will make the move to Sydney’s west.

“Obviously, Bennett is still under contract with the Broncos but we’re in this holding pattern at the moment to see what happens with Craig Bellamy and whether or not he goes to the Brisbane Broncos.

“If he does come to the Broncos expect to see Wayne Bennett at Parramatta some time soon after that.”

Bellamy said recently that while he's closer to making a call than before, no announcement is imminent.

"It's ongoing," Bellamy said.

"It's closer and hopefully it will be done soon.

"The clubs have been really understanding and patient."

-with AAP


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Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Bennett shut down the possibility of joining the Eels, once again reaffirming the fact he is contracted to the Broncos next year.


No direct quotes . I reckon Benny is playing his cards close to his chest incase Bellamy stays at Melbourne . If anyone’s playing the media to drive his deal is Bellamy wanting an extra year at Melbourne.  

This isn't coming from the Eels. 

Agree , this is just Bellamy’s manager I reckon . I wouldn’t Credit Bernie with enough foresight to at least enquire into what’s doing with Wayne . 

I think parra need a coach who's not linked with parramatta at all..

Bennett would be good for the eels.. he can bring Pangai Jr and Corey Oates with him

BA can stay as a assistant coach to Wayne Bennett... but Wayne to call all the shots

I seriously doubt that this will happen. I'm afraid Parra is incapable of making a decision to recruit a quality coach. If the past is any indicator, we will recruit the worst option available so my suggestion guys, is to enjoy the chaotic charade that is to unfold. 

Essentially Parra has 3 core problems:

1. As a Club, we seem incapable of recruiting a genuine NRL Premiership winning quality coach. We will probably opt for someone with potential, someone who who fit in & eventually succumb to our cancerous culture of failure.

2. As a Club, we generally seem incapable of identifying & developing FG quality player talent regardless of where the player comes from, whether they r from another Club or they r a Junior.

3. As a Club, we have an intensely loyal fan base that generally embraces failure. I think its fair to say that it is probably now part of our DNA. 

From a fans perspective, the main redeeming element in remaining a loyal masochist is the on going saga applicable to our Club. Never a dull moment in following our mob. Quite different to the boring winning culture endured by Storm & Bronco fans. 

Let’s hope Bennett doesn’t come to the Eels as it would be a total flop! He’s way past his best coaching and he’s too ‘old school’ which just doesn’t work in the modern game anymore. The Eels need a new fresh coach with new ideas and a vision for the future a coach who can think outside the box. Bringing Bennett to the Eels would be a total waste of money just like when they brought Kieran Foran and Anthony Watmough.

Bennett I would like to coach Parra. Even Goofy can coach better BA . BRING IN GOOFY!

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