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Ran into Michael McGuire said y don’t u coach parra he said they haven’t called him lol wld u call him for a coaching role n bring smith in as a football manager role n ship on Norman for carney on a one yr deal extension if he gets us in 8 next year

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Was Gwunta sending you selfie pics again Marky???? Taking d*** pics to a whole new level.

Nice cap.

Thats one bald nob

Lol.......I know some chicks, and some blokes, that would line up to have a crack at that knob.

I said it when they hired Kidwell I think he is Bernie’s plan b if he has to cut ba. As they say careful what your u wish for as I can’t see Kidwell being much better than ba but obviously something has to change and change fast. Knowing Parra as we all do they will probably beat the donkeys next week and the cycle continues... ah the life of a Parra supporter 

kidwell is our defensive coach.
Who’s our attacking coach????
Arthur is attacking coach
Roosters have JT as their attacking coach.
If we can’t get rid of Arthur from what I’m
hearing, let’s get an attacking coach. We need it badly
Yeah Arthur’s attack is not creative very boring

Steve murphy

Our saviour is Kev Walters, approach him to take the reins at parra after his SOO duties.

Lets see how Kev goes this year, NSW are deservedly favs, but I belive Walters will be a coach of the future and QLD will perform strong under Kev.

Kev has been assistant coach to the best in the business, he is young,hungry and has a footy brain, gets on well with his playin group but demands discipline  and respect for  the jersey. Seasoned origion players state kev is a coach you want to perform for.

Kev was a good attacking 6 who played tough and smart he would do wonders for Corey and Mitch, and if they fail he will flick them.

His a winner who wants to win,he will attract players because of his ability and stature in the game, see ya later our underperforming and over paid players.

Walters will not coach at the BRONCOS while Wayne has any input,they don,t get on.

PLEASE GURR APPROACH WALTERS, even for the attacking coach role after SOO, and see how he goes.


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