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Just on the news.
Parramatta are struggling to get the money to resign Hayne, MM may be squeezed out to fit Hayne in under the cap... WTF!!!
How the hell cant we afford them both when we don’t have one origin or Oz rep player in our side.
FMD this game is getting hard to care about.

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If that true let hayne go over rated over payed 

Which news? And even if it was in the 'news' it doesn't mean it's factual or accurate. It's speculation regarding the cap position that's the only fact. 

Everything posted on the internet is true.


How can that be.
eels buy loses..roosters but cronk.

Moses squeezed out what?

A turd?

A nugget?


The quality of this story is very marginal especially with the news we have given naming rights to Harry and Meghan for the new bowling alley at the LC. This is expected to bring the King of Tonga to Parramatta and base the national team out of Cumberland carpark where they will practice the Haka for gold coin donations.

Parramatta's new CEO Jarryd Hayne in announcing TPA's for the whole 30 man squad said he always wanted (read dreamed) to be the first CEO whilst still playing.

Phillip Sim new Chairman and former owner of the infamous 1EE site said that the whole culture of the team will no longer be a problem as he feels that there is no need for a code of conduct to hinder the players expressing themselves as native Tongans. Drink Driving one of the banes of previous Parra players will not be a problem as the whole 30 man squad will have chauffer driven vehicles supplied by the Tongan government.

The team now named the "rickshaw riders" will play their first game at the back of the car park on a date to be decided on,but most probably April.

When my wife read that she said what's Rickshaw Riders and Tonga have in common.

My reply was I don't think we should let the facts spoil any story on 1EE.

well it seems we are heading in the right direction

King of Tonga, sign him up as that will bring in some big players to the eels.

I'm not sure but Junior may already be the King of Tonga?


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