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He is one player that eludes me.

After the Dragons I thought he had turned a corner but his performance on Saturday was one of the worst I have seen from an NRL player.

If that is what he has to offer then we are in for another very long year next year.

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I think Moses is hear another 2 years.
Didn't know where to put this I watched an ISP game on weekend which I shouldn't do as I see all these young men trying their hearts out but will never get called up. Window of opportunity for so few. Some will go on and have great careers, some will have to work hard at it not having natural talents, some will have talent but turn out to be absolute duds. Some are just unlucky. I wish them all well but it always upsets me. It's like watching someone's dream not come true.

I have mixed thoughts on Moses. IMO I think he has a lot of individual talent but currently he lacks the footy nous &/or temperament to steer a team around the park. If he is deemed to be our long term half then he badly needs individual coaching & mentoring by a proven quality half, eg Noddy, Toovey or Joey, someone of that standard.

I also think that Moses & ole Dozy r not a good ongoing combination. From a team perspective, I would prefer Moses to focus on being a running half & recruit an organising half to replace ole Dozy. We have persevered with ole Dozy long enough & IMO he either needs to be moved on or slotted into another spot which in turns means where etc etc etc.

Someone has to determine the makeup of our on going spine then work from there. At the moment, BA is all over the place.

Michael he doesn't like to run as he does not like being tackled. in the red zone he goes missing all the time. I can't be the only one that sees this. At least Norman is there.

The problem PK is that neither Moses nor Norman performed consistently in 2018. Unfortunately the reality is that we have far too many players that did not earn their pay including MJ who is also on big money. 

The thing about Mitch is he suffers from that problem of believing his own hype every year hes about to step up every year he doesn't till at some point hes no longer a player with potential if hes lucky hes a honest footballer who plays a role to the team ie.. blake green or that potential is never truly reached ie.. tim smith
Useless let him go

If he's here for another couple of seasons then mentor him with Johns or Thurston, if not then replace him. Unless Norman and him are the issue , and Normans staying then we need to improve him, I think its his mental ability to read and execute that's the problem, he can play

Who else is on the market? How many games have they played this season? How many games have they played well in? How many bad games? How much of the cap do they take up?

Hmmm - jury is out for me based solely on our lack of game plans.

When you have 5 hit ups from fat forwards making little ground before the ball gets anywhere near either one of our halves to reef a hail mary downfield, I really do not understand the plodders here who are bagging out any halfback.

Then when we are in the opposition red zone and our halves are standing 1/2 a metre from the play the ball, or so flat they almost get a forward pass, how the hell are they expected to have room to move or execute a decent kick?

Now Moses was NEVER the organiser at the Tiges but was expected to come to the Eels and take charge IMMEDIATELY!

100 odd games and from what I can see has hardly ever had a mentor, if indeed he has ever had a mentor.

How soon we forget his efforts when he first arrived to get us into the finals-  but like so many others playing for the Eels over the past 5 years his game has gone backwards at an alarming rate.

His combination with Will Smith last year was dynamic and fruitful - this year both players went to shyt.

Sorry children - you should actually pay attention to what is going on before death riding possible victims.

Naughty naughty Col, u shouldn't criticise BA's game tactics. U will only upset the sensitivities of our Unicorn brethren.

Don't know how I could do that Michael - it was me that sold them all my Thoroughbred Unicorns raised on Magic Mushies.

Must admit I did hang off on Brad with not an overly great deal of criticism but...........................players do have to accept some of the responsibility for our dismal season, however the saying that the attitude of any organisation does start at the top, definitely applies to our head coach imo and singling out just one player is stupid.

They can't be looking after the Unicorns very well anymore - see, even they are capitulating.

[Edit] Where on earth did you get the idea Brad actually has "game tactics" unless you are referring to his gameness fronting up to pressers.


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