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In recent years Beau Scott was a formidable opponent. I have no qualms about that. 

But i have ask when does it become apparent that the minutes you play(less then 16 a half last year)  vs the impact you and culture you bring wear thin?  

Iam of the opinion that he is taking up a spot in the 17 where we could have a player who will have greater effect or should i say more value then what we are getting from Beau. I know what some will say or but in defence we tighten up and his experience helps. Now that is true but for what a whole 30minutes a game? I see better value elsewhere. 

So tell me your thoughts on Beau and if his value in our 17 is worth it and why?

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Big fan here, hes been outstanding for the club but think he'll be struggling to hold a 17 spot this year.

Snake who do you feel is knocking on Beau door?

Thats a very personal question Scott and this is a family site.


He’ll be in the team. We are a much better defensive side when he’s on. You need old heads like Scott to win a comp. look at the sharks with Gallen Lewis and Heighington and Melbourne with their aging stars. Old heads are vital you can’t have a pack all under 30

I certainly agree with you. Gallen averages 60 minutes . Its a far cry from 30 or so from Beau. 

He’s been great for the Eels but I’m beginning to think he’s almost past his use by date. Cant see him being used as much this year.

His toughness and experience is still invaluable and really can't be accurately measured. It comes down to a feel thing I would imagine for BA. The other thing is that the player himself has too much pride in his own performance to hang on one season too many.

He shouldn't be in the 17 at full strength. Definitely not a starter and we already have Edwards as our utility forward,
I don't like Beau hogging a bench spot when we already have the smallest pack in the NRL.
No impact
I'm not a fan of him being in the side
Another prop should take Scotts bench spot
I'd have Vave in the place of scott He's going to have a bigger impact
I can't believe people have come on this site and have bagged one of our best players. No disrespect to selmes but its not a coincides that since Scott has been at Parra we have won more games then we have lost.
He is one of the toughest players in the comp and wears his heart on his sleeve.
We were soft until Scott came along now where one of the toughest, deserves to retire a winner hopefully it happens with our team.
Scott should also be in the starting side with morera to move to the bench until he is more of a consistant player.

I havent bagged him. Read my blog i stated when does his value diminish? Lets be realistic he alone hasnt won a game like say Semi , Hayne , Gutho , Moses . Iam saying his minutes vs impact appear lacking. And in place Morera no chance. 


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