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I like what he is doing at the dogs this year, he has a very similar game as norman, exept he has been in good form playing at fullback, he is a very capable half and could strike a very nice combo with moses, not sure on Mbyes D though. Could be a clean swap with Norman,
Should our club consider this option?

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Has signed with the Tigers


Mbye ain’t a half and the reason he’s been going good is because he’s playing where he belongs. Fullback

I think he's been pretty good for them at fullback, surprised me a little actually. I don't think he's a half at the moment, the pressure of running a team around the park seemed to get to him too much and he struggled with errors and poor form. At the back he has more time and can play his natural running game and has been more damaging in attack.

Mbye?? MmmNO

Some players are nrl standard but we never see it until they move to their rightful position, think for example Brent Kite moving from second row to front row. Might seem like a minor change but boy was he a different player when he was moved. Also consider our very own Daniel Wagon, a slow so-so winger, but played very handy in the backrow. An example of a player who I feel should have been moved earlier is peter Wallace. He would have been a long term nsw hooker if he moved earlier. An out there example is Ben Roberts. He was terrible at five/eighth, I believe he was a centre. It’s a shame he never played there consistently, I think we would have seen a much better player.

I always Luke Burt could have been a decent half but was winger / fback. He had good ball skills but Smithy had him as wing etc. 

Yeah good point re Burt. I remember his debut in 1999. I was at that game. There was 100,000 of us. There was talk that he'd end up in the centres. That certainly was never gonna happen. One of my favourites burty boy.

I agree mate - he did have a great skill set and he was a smart player as well.

He played a game to 6 against Manly at Brookie and had a bit of a shocker (I think we got flogged, which didn't help his cause) and I don't think he ever got another chance.

Pity, I reckon he could have been a hell of a lot better than the likes of Adam Dykes. He could kick in general play too.  He was actually a great talker on the park as well - he was fantastic at fullback until JH took the spot.

I like his attitude. Id take him over Norman right now

I don't disagree but I would prefer to swap Norman out for a forward or do a swap for Oates, the back we need is a big winger like Oates.

but he's not a junior ;-)


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