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It sounds like he wants out at panthers. Good buy or not.

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Brilliant winger may even turn into a full back if needed, good sizse defence reads and speed
Sign him up
I’d take him BUT his knee injury saw that he can’t jump that well anymore and he’s one of the slowest wingers out there. To be honest with you he’s an expensive Leleisiuao

If this is true, he'd be a great signing.

Very good player and would value add.  But as we have Gutherson, French and Hoffman available to return it is an indulgence, not a necessity.  We also have two talented u20s outside backs graduating into the top squad.   

The necessity we urgently need to round off our squad is one or two big mobile frontrowers and a centre.  

But if we can't get the right frontrowers, or Hayne then he would be a great pick up.  

He's the perfect replacement for Semi IMO, would be a great get if we could get him.

I wouldn't knock him back but me thinks his price tag could be a problem.

I would rather have hHayne back on the wing

Yes Tad but you live in a "world of spin"

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