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Per the Club's site BA advises that scans reveal no new fractures of Tim's shoulder injury & that he will probably only miss 1 game.

Gordon should be ok for game 10.

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That's great news, he was having a great game until the injury.

Tim is a very underrated player, the guy is like a tank. He gets us moving forward on almost every charge.

Happy for Tim, but i still stand firm on my thoughts, we were and are better on the park without Tim, and we lose nothing that we wouldnt gain from any other forward under BA.

As soon as Tim went of my hopes of us dominating their pack went right up.

This idea has merit. Teams are avoiding kicking to Semi, so maybe some switcharoos amongst our back three will upset kick-chase patterns?

they said on fox news the Injury was not as bad as last time but he still be out 4 weeks and only miss 3 games

Bring back Alvaro.


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