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Just seen on Fox Sports News Parramatta have a major announcement today at 11.30am.
Any idea what it is?

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The people have spoken - yes to Kicks!
Yay bring it on Bernie !! I'll have to move back . Cougars at kicks !!!!:-))))) lmfao
Staggs could be on the money with the Sponsors announcement.

MB: Lamont Cranston, a wealthy young man about town, knows. He is The Shadow, and the Shadow knows. Is it 11.00am or is it 11.30 am? You have given both!  Foi, Foi Foran has been signed-- again! Not a Game Of Thrones, a Game Of F`s. The Shadow knows.

Don't tease Robbie !!!
Alby is returning
Adam dykes is returning

Sponsor would seem likely; I just hope Kristina Keneally and AWU Bill are nowhere in sight.....

Keep any and all politicians away full stop.

I hear that A Proszenko and Ray Hadley are to be joint heads of Public Relations with Phil Rothfield as stand in. 

Col what about P Kent....? he would be good in Public Relations.

Could have added him as part of the change over 3 stooges of Mo, Larry Curly and Shemp.

Facebook will be the new eels sponsor
CBA sleeve sponsor


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