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Just seen on Fox Sports News Parramatta have a major announcement today at 11.30am.
Any idea what it is?

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Its major sponsor announcement.

In one Snakey.

Players don't justify a press conference.....the only possibility is we get a major sponsor.....Sneaky Pete will have a "holiday" declared and Wiz will have to find something else to criticise about Bernie.

Let's hope it's a name big enough to cause a "rise" in club pride!

Don't worry Pops there'll be plenty of criticism regardless of who it is. How shit it looks on the jersey, not a 'big name', we should've got Nike!

izzy falou joining the eels? not hayne 

Costco  ,new   sponsor  ,at marden park, 

Parra sign Izzy
True that
New material Ginger, the hock line has been done to death ...
Re-opening Kicks, and bringing back dollar drinks night.
First drink's on me, Carlo!


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