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The Past

As you know I've been stating here for many years we need bigger forwards, and copping plenty of grief over it, from many on this site. Now most on here are beginning to state the same. BA has been as disillusional as many of the supporters on here. Our coming 4th last year just papered over the cracks that had been evident for many years.  

For this year BA had rose coloured glasses on and over estimated our forwards and under-estimated the loss of Semi. There was a plethora of good props available and we bought 2 poor ones. He went cheap and bought Evans and Williams, now if they come good I'll be pleased, but I was unimpressed as was a few others with their recruitment. Now finally the penny has dropped for BA and apparently there is a mad scramble to sign a lightweight prop from SL. More of the bad from me, we need size and quality. We need power middle forwards but currently are heavily stacked with back rowers where most of our go forward comes from (along with Semi).

The Future

What I can tell you is that some of our players must be overpaid as we don't have much left in the cap. To be honest there are not too many quality players in our squad. At the end of this year we need a good cleanout and an honest assessment of the worth of the players we retain. If they don't accept our offers they can go elsewhere. We also need to stop signing ageing players to over-inflated long term contracts past their use by date.

We need to start promoting from within and give those we've spent plenty on hope for their future. BA needs to open the cheque book and buy quality not quantity from outside to fill the holes. He also needs to be proactive and not reactive in his assessment of the team he picks and drop non performing players rather than persisting for too long.

Finally BA needs to look after his future. If he fails this year, and I've already stated before the season started that we'll over-achieve if we make the 8 this year, I'm sure the board will put him on notice. So next year he'll have to succeed otherwise I see him out the door.

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Spot on Mitchy, I've just alluded to this in the reply to Alan above.

Yes i noted that Brissy; that is an interesting point about the feeder in Qld; i would assume $$$ be the issue as the football dept was cut back from the board this year. This all comes back to the former board and salary cap issue. I think people have forgotten about that saga and BA got us through. The bagging of him is quite funny when you think he kept us united in that year. As i said in another blog i will assess the team come round 10. 

And I think that's a fair call. Seems like there's a lot of lemming culture in the Eels supporter ranks - 1 bad thing happens and everyone wants to jump off the cliff. Let's see how the next month or so goes and re-assess then. If things don't improve, then we've got issues. I remember how gutted I felt after the Roosters nearly put 50 on us early on last year. We re-grouped and won the next week. Let's hope the same happens again.

Yes agreed mate; i also was told by a manly mate how they got toweled up last season by Saints....who knows what can occur. 

What a great post, finally common sense, u r spot on glen, BA has been too loyal, he now has to live by his own sword!!!
I think everyone is jumping the gun a big bit too ATM we will beat the Sharks this week
There's still plenty of rounds left
We will come good, I don't wanna make excuses up but we have had two Sunday games in a row in over 35 deg heat
We have a Saturday night game this week where the weather is only going to be around 20 degs
We will win our next few games in a row we will make the top 8

your the king allright . the king of wishful thinking 

Who cares how many feeder clubs Melbourne or where they get them from.

the fact is they nurture them and then bring them through when they are ready.

we have one of the biggest junior nurseries in the entire NRL and we do none of these things.

Roosters have no juniors but looks at them also compared to us???

why bother spending millions on juniors if we are just going to play moneyball and sign past it bums???

That's fine Al, i was responding to Chief. Keep your hair on.

Yes we do have a good nursery, and def not the largest but in Sydney yes along with Penrith.

I have been a proud Parra supporter since i could crawl,i was also one of the cars driving around the Leagues club in the 80's with flags out of the sun roof with the horn blowing when we won the Grand Finals,what great times they were.i can understand Brad wanting more mobile packs with the limited interchange all the more reason why we should have won the last 2 games in the heat but constant barrage from 115kg forwards always wins over a 95 to 110kg defender on your own line, what we have always lacked is a forward that bends the line,even if it's only for 15 minutes a half,a Tapoooow "Moanly" or Talmaloony "Cowgirls" or a Sammy from Souths,unless we get 1 of these type players we will continue the same as the last 30 years,last year.I have always said i would rather not make the finals because we can't beat the big packs just like last year we would be cannon fodder,come the end of the season they are on the field as bodies with nothing left in the tank with nothing left to give.

Cheers guy's i hope i'm wrooooong.

Before the season started you were all boasting the Eels can win comp etc. After 2 loses you want heads to roll. BA looked devastated from what I saw. Put past behind and concentrate on next week cause Sharks will be looking for a win also. In the heat of Sunday no team would have been able to play catch-up football with a 20-0 start with DCE at his best. I had a chat to Max Krilich yesterday (he gets about apparently just after MMM) and he said 18000 tickets were sold for Brookie on Sunday and 8000 did not turn up because of heat. He commented on Eels warmup too. Also Manly were due for a win against Eels long overdue.

Some fair points Parraket, but I don't think any team should be 20-0 down after 15 minutes or whatever that was. And even if you are, you re-group and fight through it - we did neither, we just plain gave up. We didn't defend at all, I've seen less arm grabbing in my son's Under 10 team. I don't know why, but we just didn't look right at all. I'm hoping there's nothing more to it than they just had one of those abominations that happen from time to time, but geez a fair few of them just looked like they did not want to be there at all. If you play like that in Round 2 when you should be fresh and raring to go, it doesn't look good for the later rounds.


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